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Simple smart forexUS Search Mobile Web. Welcome to the Yahoo Search forum! We’d love to hear your ideas on how to improve Yahoo Search . The Yahoo product feedback forum now requires a valid Yahoo ID and password to participate. You are now required to sign-in using your Yahoo email account in order to provide us with feedback and to submit votes and comments to existing ideas. If you do not have a Yahoo ID or the password to your Yahoo ID, please sign-up for a new account. If you have a valid Yahoo ID and password, follow these steps if you would like to remove your posts, comments, votes, andor profile from the Yahoo product feedback forum. . . Simple Smart Forex - How the members area works! ? ? I you have visited my site but you probably didn’t have enough time to check out all the details. Here are 3 reasons you why need to come back and check it out. 1) You are leaving money on the table. I am coaching traders from over 70 countries in the world and I am always looking for ways on how to help them the fastest & easiest way possible.

Guess what; they did all leave money on the table before using my semi-automated trading program. 2) Real results from real people. Traders are making already a lot of money with this program and they are kindly enough to share their results and feedback here for you to see. 3) The program is designed for all trading styles; Swing trading, day trading and scalping. So, no matter if you want to trade all day long or only 20 minutes a day. This works for every pensioned trader. simplesmartforex. com. Do yourself a favor and invest some time to check this out. I am sure you will love it. Markets are simple, not easy. There are really only two trades -- continuity or mean reversion. Ultimately, all of your financial success depends much more on market regime rather than any specific strategy. That’s why guys like Richard Dennis could take $400 to $200 million in the early 1970s and 1980 ’s and then puke it all back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. I still remember as a young pup at Drexel Burnham being told to sell the s-t of out Dennis’s fund because the guy was “genius”. He, of course, managed to blow up every single dollar of the $80 million Drexel raised for him, some of it on remarkably stupid plays like selling out of the money puts on the last day of expiry -- a move that is more a hallmark of dentist trading his TD Ameritrade account, then the “Prince of the Pits”. By the 1990’s he had blown up his second trading fund and was never heard from again.

Dennis of course, like so many of the “genius” turtles, was a very fortunate beneficiary of a very unique market regime. Late 1970’s and 1980’s saw price persistence in commodities that was never to be seen again. Trends worked because prices went only one way for a very long time. Once the regime changed to mean reversion with its bewildering twists and turns, trend trading lost all of its luster. Suffice it to say that if turtle traders showed up 15 years late to the game you would never hear or know about any of them. That’s why all of their strategies are less than useless now, generating nothing but losses and commissions. The few rare wins never cover the multitude of losses created by fake breakouts. Market regime can make the stupidest people look brilliant and the smartest people look like idiots. Right now your uncle Morty, who has been investing all his 401-K money in SPY, is ready to light a fat Cuban with a hundred dollar bill and celebrate the fact that he has beaten every hedge fund in the world by 1000 basis points every year for the past decade running. Everywhere you look, the advice from every financial advisor is to just buy the index and you will be rich by retirement. I may not know much, but after 35 years on Wall Street, I do know one thing.

If everyone is telling you to do something, it has to be the single worst advice you can take. The market has been in an uninterrupted rally for 10 years. Buying the index is simply believing that this trend will persist. Allow me to take you back to 1966 to 1981 -- a period of 15 years during which the Dow just traded back and forth around 1000 destroying more wealth than at any time since the Great Depression. Or perhaps you would like to consider the Nikkei which has not made it back to its old highs in 40 years and still trades for half its peak value. If Japan is the social vanguard of the industrialized world, where adult diapers outsell the baby ones, then perhaps this is our future as well? Or perhaps, you will remember my own lovely experience in “responsible” investing when I happened to buy 529 funds for my kid’s college education right at the peak of the Internet bubble. The total cumulative return? 2.49%. Not per year. Total over the 12 years those funds stayed invested. Yes, I know that funds would have probably doubled had I held them til now, but I needed the money for college then. I couldn’t tell the schools -- oh please wait another five years and capital returns will be sure to kick in and I will pay your tuition in full. I am good for it. If the market takes a swan dive from which it doesn’t come back this, I am afraid may be the fate of many investors who are blindly following the index route. Buy the f-king dip is just a strategy -- just like the turtle strategy and it will lose its value eventually.

Markets are simple, but they are not easy. It's time to take action. Discover why Forex is right for you. Get started today. Download cutting edge software. Experience the market in new ways. It's easier than you think to learn the fundamentals. Use our free resources today. The correct set of software advises your every move. Don't be left in the dark. Know which brokers have the best reputation before making a commitment. You've done the research. Make the right decisions and ensure your Forex success. “FlipForex helped me finally take action. I have the tools and knowledge to be successful.” "I'm still learning, but can't thank you guys enough for the free resources.

" "There are so many brokers to choose from. I couldn't be happier with my selection. Thank you!" Simple Forex Trading Strategies. What are the signs of a winning Forex strategies? Can simple forex trading strategies be profitable? If we accept simple Forex trading strategies, the logical consequence is that such strategies must have limited area of applicability. E. g. scalping strategy will most probably fail in trending markets. These limitations, however, aren’t a problem at all: all what we would need to know are just the limits within which the strategy works. With that, we can wait on the sidelines until we see them occur, and then enter the market and use the potential.

Strategy applicability is essentially about stable nature of the markets. This assumption can be treated as “insider information”. So, if we have enough evidence to conclude that a market is e. g. trending up, we can use loose stops and open a long position on every dip. Furthermore, under this assumption a trading strategy can be optimized by design and testing. E. g. for trends, testing should cover trading algorithm capability of following trends of different shapes and strength without losing too much on pullbacks. In this case, the classic testing approach can be efficiently used. Trading strategy simplicity also helps in the implementation, especially for automated trading. Trading software design is very important efficiency factor, especially for trading strategy study phase. Research assumes frequent changes, and doing them in the code often obscures the essential factors by programming routine and also increases chances of human error for that (unless you are a hard-core coder, of course). So only when the strategy is “cast in stone” after successful testing, does it make sense to program it. For the study phase, better approach is to design the software so that strategy description would be as clear as possible. Convenient way to do that is using XML for trading strategy description. In this way, strategies can be constructed of small interchangeable “blocks”. This also makes it easier to make changes in the strategies and compare different strategies. This approach is also much more efficient for simple Forex trading strategies.

US Search Mobile Web. Welcome to the Yahoo Search forum! We’d love to hear your ideas on how to improve Yahoo Search . The Yahoo product feedback forum now requires a valid Yahoo ID and password to participate. You are now required to sign-in using your Yahoo email account in order to provide us with feedback and to submit votes and comments to existing ideas. If you do not have a Yahoo ID or the password to your Yahoo ID, please sign-up for a new account. If you have a valid Yahoo ID and password, follow these steps if you would like to remove your posts, comments, votes, andor profile from the Yahoo product feedback forum. Simple Forex strategies — simple to use, easy to try out. This collection of Forex trading strategies and techniques is dedicated to help traders in their research and developing of workable trading styles and trading systems. Attention all traders: trading strategies are posted for their educational purpose only. Trading rules may be subject to interpretation. Planned risk levels may be increased dramatically under extreme market conditions.

Use the ideas andor modify them to suit your trading style, but only at your own risk. We recommend testing your trading system on a demo account before investing real money. Simple trading systems are good for skilled beginners and intermediate traders, but may not suit more experienced traders. Either way, do not skip those strategies as they will preserve consistency in your learning progress. Advanced strategies were all at some point simple, but later were improved by traders. So, learning the basic ideas behind simple strategies will help you in the long run to advance in your own strategy making. We hope you enjoy staying with us! Truly yours, Edward Revy and my best Forex strategies Team. As you read comments, you'll see that when traders asked me to recommend any particular strategies on this website, I did so. However, from that time all simple strategies have been sorted and moved around, so the old numbering in my answers can be irrelevant for simple strategies. Another point is that every time a new strategy is added, it can be much better than those I recommended to try out months or years ago. So, just take you time and explore our great strategies collection!

It's time to take action. Discover why Forex is right for you. Get started today. Download cutting edge software. Experience the market in new ways. It's easier than you think to learn the fundamentals. Use our free resources today. The correct set of software advises your every move. Don't be left in the dark. Know which brokers have the best reputation before making a commitment. You've done the research. Make the right decisions and ensure your Forex success. “FlipForex helped me finally take action. I have the tools and knowledge to be successful.

” "I'm still learning, but can't thank you guys enough for the free resources." "There are so many brokers to choose from. I couldn't be happier with my selection. Thank you!" 4 Simple Ways to Determine if Your Trading System is Truly Viable. One of the best trading resources that I recently discovered is Andrew Swanscott’s podcast called Better System Trader. Even if you are not interested in systematic research and just want to trade discretionarily, the trading insights from the interviews are worth a listen. One episode I found very valuable is an interview with Art Collins who is long time systematic trader in US stock and bond futures. Art wrote a book, called Beating the Financial Futures Markets which I have yet to read, but his analysis of what makes for a viable trading system really impressed me so I thought this week I would share his ideas with you. Before all else, Art makes a point that I’ve heard over and over again from many different traders. The single most important aspect of the system is that it be in sync with your personality. If you are like me and like constant action then trading 100 times per day on a 1-minute chart is perfectly fine, as long as you adjust the system to the reality you’ve chosen. If you are like Kathy and think that such an approach is utterly ridiculous and prefer to make 2-3 well-chosen trades per day using the four-hour chart -- that fine too. (I would rather get a root canal without anesthesia, but to each is own.) That being said, Art has four key metrics to judge a system. One. Does it make sense? Do you understand the underlying drivers?

If you do not understand what the system is doing you will abandon it at the first sign of trouble. Generally, as I’ve noted many times before there are only two types of trading systems -- continuity and mean reversion. Systems will naturally underperform in adverse market regimes, but If you have a favorable market environment (trending) and your continuity system is not performing you need to quickly assess what’s wrong and to do that you need to know how the trades work. Two. Don’t Optimize. Don’t Tweak. Don’t try to avoid the pain. Accept the drawdown because if you don’t it will only get worse. So if you are looking at a series of parameters make sure that if you chose a slightly different one the results will not be much different from all the other parameters. If they are that means your parameter is less than worthless because it only works on a particular set of data in the past. Three. At very minimum, the system must work on related markets. For Art that means that if the system is designed for S&P it must also work on Nasdaq and Russell. For us, in FX we need to make sure that the trade idea works on several related pairs, not just one. Earlier this week I had a system that looked very promising but when I analyzed the underlying data I realized that GBPUSD was responsible for 62% of the profit but it comprised just 16% of the trades. My new version was much better balanced with no pair accounting for more than 25% of the profit while comprising 16% of the portfolio. That’s the kind of distribution you want because that means you are capturing repeatable price behavior rather than one-off action.

Four. And this is perhaps the most important and overlooked aspect of system analysis. Make sure that the bulk of your profits does not come from a very narrow time interval because then it’s a function of luck rather than skill. Since I day trade around the clock with fixed stops and losses, I avoid that problem by creating as much uniformity in my trades as possible. But if you trade on longer time frames with variable profits and losses you should study your results very carefully to make sure that they are not skewed by one or two lucky big trades. Lastly, Art says that one of the best ways to analyze the robustness of a system is to divide the total profit by maximum drawdown -- something I’ve intuitively done for years and prefer much more than the traditional Sharpe or Sortino ratio measures. But even here you need to be careful. If your system has massively large stops it could provide you with a very unrealistic picture of its robustness. For example one of the best traders in my room had a “return on account” (that’s what this ratio is called) of more than 10. She was up 22% on equity with a drawdown of only 2%. But that’s because the system was trading with massive negative skew (the risk-reward was 1:5) so the losses were rare and provided a false sense of security. Fortunately, she wasn’t fooled by the data and traded at very low leverage to prepare for any large losses that could come like an avalanche. Generally, the return on account of 2:1 or better is a sign that you are doing things well and a much better way to assess the risk of the strategy than the simple riskreward ratio of any given trade. I’ll be in Madrid next week at the annual Forex Day show, so no column next week, but come say hi if you are there, it would be great to meet everyone at the show.

If Your Forex Scalping Method Did NOT win 21 Out of the Last 25 Trades * , Then You Have Two Choices: (1) Start Using Renko Charts and Start Winning Consistently, or (2) Continue to Lose All Your Money. Simple Forex Scalping Technique Using Customized Renko MT4 Indicators Consistently Wins as Many as 9 out of 10 Trades. *See Proof Below. FROM: Jeff Glenellis, RE: Start Winning Your Forex Scalping Trades. Let me pay you the compliment of being blunt. Forex trading, and Forex Scalping in particular, is a tough way to make money. If you run with the herd and put all your trust in EA's (Robots) or in those complicated $2,000 manual trading methods that make you sit in front of your charts for 6 hours a day waiting for a single signal. . you're going to go broke, sooner or later (and the smart money is on sooner!) Fortunes can be made trading Forex, but the odds are incredibly stacked against you being one of the fortune makers. And no, it's not because there is some international banking cabal conspiring to steal your $500 mini account. It's simply because you don't have the right tools for the job. It's as if you were told to cut down a tree and were handed a pair of pliers to get the job done. Can you cut down a tree with pliers? Maybe, but I'd rather have a chainsaw if it's all the same to you. So you jumping into the Forex markets with a set of candlestick (or bar) charts and a couple of those "cutting edge" indicators you found on a forum somewhere gives you about as much chance at winning consistently as you do being a successful pliers-wielding lumberjack. But you have another strike against, whether you know it or not. The fact is, you're just not patient enough to trade 99.9% of the systems you've read about, heard about or even tried. And while I'm a big fan of taking personal responsibility for your own shortcomings, I have to admit that this one isn't really your fault either .

Most (and by most I'm estimating 80%+) people who are trading Forex are already employed somewhere else full time. That's 40+ hours a week. They also have family obligations which require a certain amount of time each day. And unless they have the constitution of a robot (or a horrendous coke habit) they probably need 7-8 hours of sleep each night. That simply doesn't leave a lot of free time left to trade forex, and the few hours they do have per week to watch the charts don't give them many opportunities to find good trades (especially using the methods the "gurus" recommend). This leads the trader into taking less-than-optimal trades (and eventually a bunch of outright stinkers) all in the hopes of making at least a little money to justify the time they've spent staring at their screen. So what's a person to do who wants to make best use of the limited amount of time they have to trade Forex? The answer is simple: Renko Charts. Take a look at the standard candlestick chart below: Those two vertical red lines at 04:00 and 06:00 represent two hours of trading on this 5 minute chart, from 9:00 to 11:00 p. m. eastern time (6:00-8:00 p. m. pacific time). Now take a look at the same time frame (more or less) that is demonstrated by the Renko Chart: Notice a difference? Where the standard candlestick chart showed price was in a range with no real discernable pattern, Renko Charts clearly show price moving up and down within the 30 pip range. And while the candlestick and bar chart crowd was sitting there scratching their heads, trying to decide if they should take a trade, Renko Traders had 8 separate trading opportunities, with 12-24 pips available for the taking.

Had you used any of the indicators we recommend with 3 Pip Renko Box Settings (as displayed above) you would have received 8 separate signals worth a minimum of 10 pips each. That's 80 pips in 2 hours when the rest of the trading world was still trying to decide if they should buy or sell. Not to mention 80 pips during a time when the markets are considered to be slow and untradable by most traders! And these are not "cherry-picked" charts. I grabbed these shots from trading just a few days ago. I could have picked charts from the day before, or the day before that, and so on, and still found numerous examples exactly like the ones above. That's why Renko is so effective. If the markets are really moving, you make money . If the markets are more or less flat, you can still make money . If the markets are anywhere in between, you can REALLY make money . Can the candlestick and bar chart crowd say the same thing? Here is the main benefit to using Renko Charts: You know when a new trend is developing and you can get into a trade at the very beginning of that trend , long before the candlestick and bar chart crowd has even the first clue as to what to do. If you trade with a specific pip target in mind (a 10 pip goal, for instance) you can be in and out of the trade, with your 10 pips safely banked in your account, before the rest of the trading world even gets their first signal! Another benefit of using Renko Charts is you can decide if you want to use Large Renko Boxes (those red and blue candles are called "boxes") and shoot for 30-50 pips a trade, or use smaller boxes (2, 3 or 4 pips is size) and scalp the markets at any time, day or night. Renko boxes are 100% size adjustable, leaving you in complete control over your trading environment. Of course, anyone can put up some still photos and draw whatever conclusions from them they want. SO HOW CAN YOU CONSISTENTLY MAKE WINNING 10+ PIP TRADES USING RENKO CHARTS AND OUR CUSTOMIZED INDICATORS?

Take a look at this screencap. This is what my charts look like when I'm trading, and it's what my charts looked like when I won 21 out of my last 25 trades. There are a pair of dual-50 moving averages running through the middle of that picture. When price breaks ABOVE the upper band, and all of my other indicators are in agreement, I BUY. When price breaks below the lower band and all the other indicators are in agreement, I SELL. Some people using this method will remain in a trade until the first opposite color Renko box closes. Others, including myself, prefer to exit at +10 pips profit, as we have a daily trading goal of 20 or 30 pips and many of these trades will stall out after +10. By exiting at or near +10 we are one-third to one-half of the way towards our daily goal. One thing you need to know about these indicators--4 out of the 5 represented in this picture DO NOT REPAINT, EVER, and as for the 5th, as long as the other 4 indicators are in accord, I have NEVER seen it repaint after giving a concurring signal. On it's own, it will repaint on occasion, but when used properly in concert with the other 4, repainting is NOT a problem! I wouldn't want you to make a decision without first seeing Renko Charts "live and in action" , so below are two videos; the first is an easy 30 pip score using 10 pip Renko boxes, and the second is an even easier 13 pips I made while demonstrating a trading technique using 3 Pip Renko boxes and a couple of indicators which I've found work very well with Renko Charts.

10 Pip Renko Box Video. 3 Pip Renko Box Video. By now you're probably thinking "If Renko Charts are so great, how come everyone isn't trading with them?" It's a fair question, and believe me, I wish I could get the entire Forex trading world to switch to Renkos. But in the meantime, here is what a few traders who already made the switch to Renko Charts have to say about their Renko experience: Jeff, I just wanted to tell you that your product is simply amazing. Inexpensive, very simple, and yet very effective. I have purchased systems in the thousands that were complicated, and very ineffective. Plus you provide EXCEPTIONAL support! :):) I really like the three methods of trading the system. Strictly when a box changes colors, an RSI crossover, or the conservative approach of letting all the colors line up. And quite frankly they all seem to have a high rate of success depending on the market at that given time. Tonight if one chose to just trade by the change in color of the boxes, there are more winners than losers, plus the winners have had pretty good consecutive runs.

Also, for me, the (4) box setting on the EURUSD is perfect. Not super fast, and not too slow! Thanks again for being one of the few honest people with integrity in this business! :):) A week later, Mark sent this second note. Good Morning Jeff: Well I took your advice and took the "thinking" out of the process! I simply traded (4pip) boxes! I had over 50pips in roughly two hours of trading. Live account! By far my BEST EVER. And you are absolutely correct. The key is speed and decisiveness.

If you're in a bad trade, simply close it and go the other way. Usually you will get most if not all and then some back! Now I know every night will not be like this, but I honestly think that with this system, the worst I can do is break even on a given night. Especially since I trade the London. I can't believe all the money I have spent, and all the sophisticated indicators and software I've used on other systems to no avail! This is absolutely amazing! And the funny part is that most people won't try it because it's simply too simple! I even tried to make this system harder than what it was by "THINKING" about every trade. Well tonight I just reacted! It's funny I can remember 30yrs ago my H. S. B-Ball coach use to chew me out ALL the time and his constant theme with me was: "Don't think react"! I have always been OVERLY analytical to a fault! Now I don't have to do that!

Just react! Thanks again Jeff for EVERYTHING! YOU ARE AMAZING! :):) I had purchased your Renko strategy a while back and received your email this evening about the new scalping strategy using Awesome Osscillator. I have just finished trading London and am happy to say I have finished the session at +40 pips. I had mentioned in an email to you last week about maybe going back to the SignalAM indicator for some longer term trading and well, after seeing how this works, I might be reconsidering that idea. Anyway, I wouldn't mind doing a one on one session to make sure I understand it for sure. Also, I am interested in the money management plan that goes along with it. Thanks again! Remember when I said I'd won 21 out of 25 Trades over the course of one week? Click on the picture to see it in all of it's full-sized glory. If you've read this far, you're probably convinced of two things: (1) Renko Charts are a great way to trade the Forex markets, and. (2) The price is going to be completely out of reach. If that's what you're thinking, you're half right. Renkos ARE a great way to trade Forex. In fact, for those of us who have made the switch, Renkos are the ONLY way we'll trade the Forex markets now . Why go back to all the noise and uncertainty of candlesticks and bar charts when we can fire up our Renko charts and knock out 5-15 pip trades any time, day or night? As for the price, well, I think you'll find it's reasonable.

Of course, all the marketing gurus say I should tell you it's worth $2,000, but that I'm not charging that amount, then drag you through a series of other, lower prices. If you've made it this far, I'm thinking your smarter than all that and just want the bottom-line price. $49. Yes, that's correct. No, I didn't forget to add a "zero" in there somewhere. You get the entire Renko package. You get this entire package for just $49. I could go on for another hour singing the praises of Renko Chart trading the Forex markets, but assuming you made it all the way to the end, I'm guessing you're smart enough to know a good thing when you see it, and you're ready to give Renko a try for yourself. Just know that you have a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee that if for any reason you are not satisfied with the Renko Charting package, you can return it for a full refund. So now it's decision time: do you spend a few bucks and grab a copy of the greatest charting package you will ever use, and set yourself up to start earning 20-50 pips a day on a consistent basis, or do you click away and possibly lose out forever on the easiest way you're ever going to find to extract cash from the Forex markets? If you're ready to join the Renko family and turn yourself overnight into the most successful trader you know, click the Buy Now button and let's get started.

U. S. Government Required Disclaimer - Commodity Futures Trading Commission Futures and Options trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the futures and options markets. Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose. This is neither a solicitation nor an offer to BuySell futures or options. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this web site. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results. CFTC RULE 4.41 - HYPOTHETICAL OR SIMULATED PERFORMANCE RESULTS HAVE CERTAIN LIMITATIONS. UNLIKE AN ACTUAL PERFORMANCE RECORD, SIMULATED RESULTS DO NOT REPRESENT ACTUAL TRADING. ALSO, SINCE THE TRADES HAVE NOT BEEN EXECUTED, THE RESULTS MAY HAVE UNDER-OR-OVER COMPENSATED FOR THE IMPACT, IF ANY, OF CERTAIN MARKET FACTORS, SUCH AS LACK OF LIQUIDITY. SIMULATED TRADING PROGRAMS IN GENERAL ARE ALSO SUBJECT TO THE FACT THAT THEY ARE DESIGNED WITH THE BENEFIT OF HINDSIGHT. NO REPRESENTATION IS BEING MADE THAT ANY ACCOUNT WILL OR IS LIKELY TO ACHIEVE PROFIT OR LOSSES SIMILAR TO THOSE SHOWN.

No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown. In fact, there are frequently sharp differences between hypothetical performance results and the actual results subsequently achieved by any particular trading program. Hypothetical trading does not involve financial risk, and no hypothetical trading record can completely account for the impact of financial risk in actual trading. All information on this website or any product purchased from this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to provide financial advise. Any statements about profits or income, expressed or implied, does not represent a guarantee. Your actual trading may result in losses as no trading system is guaranteed. You accept full responsibilities for your actions, trades, profit or loss, and agree to hold Simple4XSystem and any authorized distributors of this information harmless in any and all ways. *Depending upon state and country laws - always seek professional advice.


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