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About etoro forexeToro Reviews & Comments 2018. EToro is NOT the trading company I would suggest. I opened a Canadian account about 5 yers ago. Since I am still working full time, trading was limited so I decided to set my bids on certain companies and let it ride. By mid December 2017, last time I checked, I pretty well doubled what I had invested, which was most likely not significant to Etoro but a lot for me. Thinking I was doing well, I checked again in March and my account had disappeared, I googled and found out U. S. and Canada were cut off. Even though I read there was supposed to be an email to American clients TWO weeks before the deadline, that we were being cut off, there was NO warning; I never received the email with their generous 2 week notice. It must have been very low profile because I had no idea until I searched inline. I contacted customer support and received NO reply. I was ignored. Not significant enough for this big trading company, I am just a little fish in their big pond who is not worth their time. Shame on you Etoro. I am hoping everyone will read this to find out what EToro is really about and people think about it twice to invest money with these insensitive crooks with their 2 week one time notice and then walk away with your money. Again, I did never see that email. I highly suggest to get to know the company first before trusting them fully. I went through the usual problems the clients face with eToro in . You'll be surprised on what you can find. Looks like this broker is competitive compared to other companies. On other side, the trading software and services are far more appealing and easier to use than in other companies.

Also, I have the opportunity to use trading signals feature that is getting probably the main competitive solution among brokers that I have traded with. In addition to developing trading strategy, broker offers effective software and metrics for continuous process innovation and improvement of trading strategies. It is new and it grows fast attracting a lot of traders by quite comfortable trading conditions and I am among those traders. eToro pays attention to education making forex easy for the beginners. It creates wide informational space using crowd-sourcing and comments of other clients – why not? it is cool and helpful to get the needed answers to the questions from people trading within eToro. I’ve learnt rare expert opinion and experience here. I like the eToro platform – here I can play in forex gaining retail trader experience! It is simple and flexible. The access to financial market is fast and steady. I am impressed by the broker’s perfect personal service.

They send news and traders insight reports developed by their analysts. I can see, follow and copy the successful trading systems of other investors through the broker’s investment network. I enter it and can get the access to trading history of any trader. This is really like a game. There are no difficulties and tension, just amusement leading to the profit! i haven’t heard much of this broker … just recently decided to try it. it exceeds all my expectations. i enjoy trading here. it offers innovative attitude to trading and a lot of interesting and useful educational material. easy eToro platform is considered to be a social trading platform where i can copy successful traders using technology CopyTrader. they inform me of different facts and opinions. well, they create the conditions attracting rich traders establishing high spreads, large amounts of initial deposits and the price of trades. i haven’t withdrawn yet but until now there are no reasons to concern. The eToro's so called social trading network and auto copying of trades are just bullshit which has nothing to do with real trading and intended to only one goal - drain a novice's deposit. So do not even dream of enriching yourself with those beautiful fake promises.

I have read recently that the broker started co-working with Sberbank and now have discovered that the bank's official web site even offers to register a real account with the broker. And it looks like the main idea of this cooperation is the promotion of the broker's social trading community. Going to test this. The connection is good and I cannot use it to my trading!! Too bad, I need to switch into another broker. I hope that they will fix their connection if they want to have more traders in their company. This is my 2nd broker and all I can say they were good at me on my first six months using them and their true colors appeared when I made a withdrawal 70% of my trading account balance. After that, they keep me disconnected on their platform and it took me a minutes before I can closed my trades and then my final hours came, they cancelled my profit and disabled my trading account. Apart from the spreads being a bit too high and a few teething problems with the copytrade function (resulting in me being fully reimbursed for the lost trade profit) I would say this is a great broker for entry into the Forex market and would recommend it simply because of the ability to copy the best performing traders. It is the worst platform I came across, freezes 2-6 hours every weekduring peak times and times when you can make money. Poor execution (always 8-10 pip delay for execution on top of spreads). You cannot do market orders and have to wait manually to open trades and when you open you loose out 8-10 pips due to poor execution. There is no trailing stops either. Anyone who want to play this such of thing ust see for the comments to this company, if there is bad comment according to this company, so better to think for twice, because in this site, anyone can use different name, so i guess pierre and nomi6224 r the extoro team, so u must think for twice to believe them.

i have no idea about ex toro, but maybe it's better for us to go find another company, because of the bad comment in etoro. Apart from the spreads being a bit too high I would say this is a great broker for entry into the fx market and would recommend it simply because of the ability to copy the best performing traders. I have used Etoro over the past couple of years and never had a problem with them. As for google them an see. Google any forex broker and the word scam after their name and you will get the same results. A company with so many users cant keep everyone happy. i am using etoro and i have used almost 7 others, but really guys, etoro is the best of all. it is very user friendly. the support team is available to you 247 and they are amazing while helping you in your problems. thanks etoro suppot team, you rock. oh c'mon don't even try to put some water on the fire "etoroteam", i used etoro for some time as my broker, firts of all i didn't got my money from the challenge, i sent my identification card, a letter from the bank with my adress, my driving license, everything that was asked even the 250$ to fund the account, nothing, then to withdraw the money i recieved half the money i requested on my account by money transfer, it took 17days, a wire transfer, i complained to etoro, they said they would take a look on the withdraw, another week they said it was mistake they were going to withdraw the rest that was missing, another week, finally i recieve the money, i complained on the chat several time to other users, i was blocked for 23 days, couldn't "log in", was more like a "shut up", when i finally got my money back, 2months were gone and a lot of headache.

P. S. everytime i was winning money or loosing the connection got slow and sometimes i couldn't log on to close position, lost some money with that, although i had a superfast ADSL network. There was a lot of things i just can't find words to express what my review is from etoro, i mean, it's so bad, so bad, please get metatrader4 or something else as a broker. Almost openend an eToro acount. that was close! I had an account with iForex, try getting profit or your money back from those guys! Are all the Brokers based in Greece and Cypres dodgy? Tough for me to say as I am part Greek. Will go to 4XP. I have not really heard any bad stuff about them. Adios. I used different platforms over time.

Etorro is simply the best and easy to use for newcommers. There is a difference between losing because you made the wrong decisions and a poor site. Most of the comments on this site tell me more about a poor loser than Etorro. How true!! It will block you from entering the system if you are in profit but if it's in the loss, you can easily log in! I lost a few hundreds this couple of days with them. This is because when I tried to log in to stop the trade, I just could not log in so in the end I lost all the money. Hmmm before I thought Etoro was the best platform. Only when you have experienced what NEO said then you will realise that this Etoro is so dirty. I would like to respond once again to some of the latest things that have been said here. Regarding the stop loss and take profit, these can easily be managed after opening the trade, so there is no need to waste time to set them up before opening the trade. As for connection problems, there are various reasons why these can occur. The major factor is usually your connection, but there can be other factors, such as the other programs running on your computer. As Trader pointed out, there was another platform open on his computer while he was using eToro with a relatively slow connection. This means that the other platform is taking up some of the bandwidth, and as forex trading platforms are constantly streaming live market information this takes up a lot of bandwidth which can cause connectivity problems. As I said before, most of our traders do not experience these problems, however, we are more than happy to compensate you if you have suffered any losses due to connectivity problems.

If this is the case please contact us through our website. I wish you all happy trading, Laura, eToro Team. Yes , I am 100% Agree with NEO, I have lost a lot of money because of the ticks in etoro platform , they are real pirates. please don not ever think about using that broker. Newbee Trader - VERY TRUE. Neo - As i'm just a beginner i'm working on practice accounts, That connection problems, also happens with me oftenly. I only have 2mb. I really thought it was my net problem, but then one day i had 2 different brokers platforms open, etoro and gomarkets platform. i just or. dered on etoro then i came on other platform when etoro platform "ding" sound pop.. connection out. but my other platform was still working. Since then i never used eToro. The only thing i liked about it was the traders current stats.

i use to depend on it (Stupid Trader).. now that you point out that it could be the 1000's of newbies - making a matrix(1 following another). this Platform loses all my likes. And that stop loss o. r.d. e.r. problem just made me so confuse. this so what easy panel made forex trading real hard. P. S - i'm not promoting any broker, I won't recommend anyone to use this gomarketsaus either as its not much known. just saw its ad at babypips. just practicing don't have any plans to trade on it for real. Trying out eToro and found it ok except for the length of time it takes to edit the stop loss and take profit options. By the time I got through these the market had moved by more than 20 pips.

We’re very sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with our platform, however there is a simple explanation to the connection problems that you described. First let me make it clear, we don’t use temporary IP blocking. Most of our users trade with our platform without experiencing any problems of lagging or freezing. However, if your connection is unstable that will cause temporary freezes because the connection goes on and off. Normally, a 20mbps connection is very fast, however speed doesn’t guarantee that it’s a stable connection or that you’re not experiencing connection problems. Unfortunately, while half an hour for a movie is pretty good, with a 20mbps connection you should be able to download a movie in 15 minutes tops. The fact that you didn’t experience any connection problems with your neighbor’s wifi only points to the fact that your connection is not working properly. As for the issue with the managing of stops, we do limit the rates at which you can set stops simply because eToro discourages scalping – it’s much too risky for beginner traders. However, if you’re interested in scalping eToro has other options it can offer you, all you have to do is contact us for more details. And lastly, eToro’s brokers are all regulated by respected regulatory authorities world wide. For more details please see the “license and regulations” page on our website.

We would still however like to compensate you for any inconvenience caused to you while using our service. Please contact us through our website and inform us of the precise details of your complaint, including your username at eToro. We wish you happy trading, Laura, eToro Team. its very simple & user friendly, gives amazing offers, etc. wow! I was about to open an account with them, but your comment makes me think twice about it. their charts and interface are very user friendly and when u see how much money the best traders are aking on the weekly competition, you tell yourslelf well that could be nice. anyways I will definitely dig more about them before comitting eventually. but this IP BAN THING is really horrible. eToro ? I used this "THING" for 2-3 years. (playing. I only deposited 50 bucks two times during this period. try to understand why. ) You know what. The first times you enter the Forex , you just make errors and errors and errors.

so , you don't even mind blaming the "broker". but once you get used to it (the market) and once you start getting serious about building up a portfolio(bu. ying books , studying and reading and practicing on free accounts) you start realizing things you wouldn't ever realize. I 'm a software programmer and I've never seen such a SCAM , even in VIRUSES. True , their application "SEEMS" a lil'bit more serious NOW , BUT IT ISN'T . IT IS SO FULL OF BUGS IT SEEMS MY DIRTY TRASH CAN . Here's a list of the things I hate : - in practicereal mode ( with both the desktop version and the webtrader version) , if you're goin wellbad , they'll BLOCK YOU preventing you to be able to enter again in the software WITHOUT EVEN DISPLAYING ERROR MESSAGES !! They used to call this "network error" or "LAG" . you know what ? IT IS NOT . How can I be so sure ? Cause I tried connecting with my neighbor's open-access wifi lan AND IT JUST WORKED !! You know how's called that ?? TEMPORARY IP - BAN ( I wonder about "the others" by the time I found this. ) . -the stop losses take profit editable parameters ARE LIMITED TO BROKER's DECISION ( but this software is such a crap I could be able to find a trick to pa. ss over this limit..

problem is it requires so much time I just say "who gives a f***" sometimes. I'll never put another cent there. ) -ultra slow connections. so slow I wonder why I'm still paying for a 20mbit adsl. damn..I live in Rome !! I can download whole movies in less than half a hour in this city and from servers from the world . -you just cannot leave this thing unhattended. and that is BAD . The last thing you need while trading is fear . ou..hey ?? guess what ?? eToro GIVES YOU THAT TOO and IT ISN'T EVEN FREE !! -surprise spreads !!

so high you'll only scalp 1buck each 10 !! in sum : you're not the "white collar" , you're the BLUE here (besides all those green stuff. ) Also , THE FORUM DOESN'T EXIST ANYMORE and the major part of their " indicators " are based on their STUPID CLIENTS 's DECISIONS (don't worry reader. I'm stupid too. ) . Imagine a bullish bearish trend indicator based on mere irrational decision taken from THOUSANDS newbies. Without even talking about the chat. if there's something really unprofessional for a trader IS A CHAT ROOM TO WASTE TIME (while, instead, TIME IS MONEY) And if you're psychologically-weak , enough to believe other users thougths. damn. you're lost. and your money too. Here's your "deal" PS : regulated ?? LOL !! I wonder who's the bastard wich is drowing under our money. PPS: tell you're webmaster this "word checker" cannot even recognize the word "pa. ss" (the dot is used to avoid it) from "a. ss" . DUDE !!

are you working with eToro or what ? is all this for real . Etoro is a genuine company, they can be trusted with money. However their platform is rubbish, you can lose your money just like that. 1. There is no trailing stop with Etoro as with Metatrader. Their plaform does not accomodate small traders since they do not have mini lots. Their leverage is too high you can get wiped out just like that as much as you can also make huge amounts of money just like that. As most of these softwareplatforms for trading currencies do, they earn they're money from their clients. The last example I know of, was a huge and very respected investment bank (Sponsor of a Tour de France team), who I acused of delays in trading and is prosecuted at the moment. It also came to the surface that something like 90 % of their clients lost money in their relationship with the bank. So, to be more straight. If you like gambling and often goes to casinoes etc., the forex market might be worth considering even thou the changes of winning is less than your odds at a Roulette table (1:36) . But IF, you want security, sound and healthy investments?

Do not gamble here. I wish people would not post 'empty' posts, but something others can at least learn from. I. e. . "31 March 2010 | Samuel | eToro At eToro has one huge problem - they work against clients. And this problem the most important for them." What exactly do you mean and how do you know it? Most people on here want to learn and comments like that just does not help and devalues this site. This section is addressed not only to the experienced venturers who are willing to share their impressions about trading with eToro and to check out other traders' methods and practices, but also to the forex newcomers set to make the right choice of a broker. Of course, reading forex reviews and following other traders' opinions won't give a 100% guarantee of extremely profitable trading with any broker; however, why not learn on others' mistakes rather than on your own? With the help of forex reviews a newcomer gets to know both strong and weak points of a broker by considering opinions of not just a few traders, but of hundreds of them. Choosing a responsible and trustworthy broker makes a good half of the successful trading. Our team constantly monitors the level of objectiveness of the traders leaving comments and reviews on the site. We provide an opportunity of discussing any issues related to trading itself or quality of the services offered by the broker. The authors of reviews are responsible for the content they create; reviews about eToro are somewhat an indicator of quality of their performance and a key to understanding whether the broker's conditions are acceptable for you personally.

eToro is one of the largest currency trading companies operating currently on global financial markets. forex etoro was established in 2007, its headquarters are located in Limassol, Cyprus and broker etoro is a Cyprus licensed and registered investment company. forex broker etoro operation and. Regulation: NFA, CySEC, ASIC, CFTC, MiFID, FCA. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, eToro was founded in 2006 by two brothers, Ronen and Yoni Assia and partner David Ring. The brokerage was founded with the vision of a popular financial trading and investment platform suitable for everyone. eToro has grown significantly since its founding and is currently ranked among the top social trading networks, as well as an online forex broker. As far as oversight and regulation is concerned, eToro (Europe) Ltd. is based in Limassol, Cyprus and is a registered Cypriot Investment Firm or CIF, registered under the number HE200585. The company is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission or CySEC under license number 10910. In the United Kingdom, eToro (UK) Ltd. is headquartered in London and is a registered UK firm under registration number 7973792. eToro UK is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or FCA under the firm reference number 583263. Both eToro (UK) Ltd. and eToro (Europe) Ltd. comply and operate under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive or MiFID. eToro currently has more than 5 million users in over 170 countries.

The company’s clients have access to trade in currencies, indices, CFDs and commodities. eToro’s online platform attracts thousands of new accounts every day as one of the world’s premiere social investment networks. eToro launched its social investment platform “OpenBook” in 2010, along with the company’s “CopyTrading” feature. In 2010, eToro launched its first Android apps to enable investors to make trades over their mobile devices. These innovative platforms allowed investors to watch, follow and copy the top traders in the network automatically, and they have now been replaced with an updated all-in-one eToro platform that is also available on Android. In the United States, eToroUSA is not currently active, therefore eToro does not accept customers based in the United States. Unique Features of Trading with eToro. In addition to the company’s excellent educational program and all inclusive trading platform, eToro’s most striking feature is its online financial trading community, which is among the world’s largest. eToro recently replaced its two popular WebTrader and OpenBook trading platforms into a new all-in-one platform that gives the trader access to all of their services across all types of devices. Depending on what region and country the client resides in, the minimum first time deposit for an eToro live account ranges from $200 to $1,000. In addition to being able to open a funded account, the company offers a practice account just for signing up at no cost. The eToro practice account allows the potential customer to test the trading platform without any financial obligation with an initial deposit of up to $100,000 in virtual currency.

In addition to the standard funded account and the practice account feature on their platform, eToro also offers an Islamic account, with a minimum deposit of $1,000. Much like other online forex brokers, eToro charges no commissions on trades. Instead, the company relies on quoting their customers a slightly wider dealer spread to compensate themselves. A survey of real time dealing spreads at eToro showed they start at two pips for the USDJPY pair and three pips for EURUSD, USDCHF and USDCAD. Pairs like GBPUSD and AUDUSD show spreads of four pips wide, while the NZDUSD spread was five pips wide and the USDRUB spread as seven pips wide. The dealing spreads for other less traded currency pairs looked as wide as 20 pips, and spreads in Bitcoin trades are apparently 225 pips, according to the broker’s website. As of April 29th 2018 eToro has moved from trading stocks as CFD to real stocks on their platform. All the countries will now be real stocks and only the listed countries will remain CFDs: Afghanistan Angola Australia Belarus Macedonia Iraq Liberia Libya Nauru New Zealand Nigeria Sierra Leone Zimbabwe Cote d’Ivoire Congo Congo Republic Myanmar. As of August 1st 2018 eToro is fully compliant with new ESMA rules. Read more here. When eToro began, their original trading platform was primarily geared toward new and inexperienced traders and incorporated graphic animations depicting currencies racing against each other or participating in a tug of war. The broker’s previous platforms have since been consolidated into the all-in-one award-winning eToro platform, which is also available on Android and iOS, and integrates all of the features previously available. The eToro app is currently available at the iOS App Store or Google Play. eToro has added some NEW FEATURES… eToro CopyFUNDS.

Hear all about it Here. Deposits and Withdrawals. Since eToro only allows trading in U. S. Dollars, any deposit in another currency is converted to that currency upon receipt. The minimum deposit required to open a live trading account at eToro ranges from $200 to $1,000, depending on the regional regulations that a customer’s account is subject to. For example, Neteller minimum deposits range from $200 – $1,000 and a maximum of $10,000; while Webmoney and GiroPay have a $200 – $1,000 minimum and a $50,000 and $30,000 maximum respectively. Russia based Yandex has a $5,000 maximum deposit. For their client’s convenience, deposits and to open an account can be made through Visa, MasterCard and Diner’s Club credit and debit cards, by bank wire transfer, and via Wirecard – Wire and Credit Card, Yandex, Neteller, Skrill Limited UK, China Union Pay, PayPal, Wirecard and Webmoney UK. For withdrawals, the user must fill out a withdrawal form in the Cashier section of the website, clicking on the “WITHDRAWAL” tab. The amount is entered on the form and eToro will then notify the client via email of the withdrawal process. Typically, funds are withdrawn via credit card, PayPal or bank transfer, in that order of priority. For first time withdrawals, clients must submit a clear color copy of their Passport including their written signature, as well as a clear copy of a utility bill not older than three months and that was mailed to your address of residence. Also, if the deposit to fund the account was originally via credit card, a clear copy of both sides of the credit card must be submitted. eToro charges a fee of $25 for withdrawals.

Withdrawals take up to five days to process and may be delayed even further due to third party withdrawal payment methods. Latest news on eToro. The company also features a “Customer Service Wall”, where customers can interact with customer service in a forum type format. Most customer service queries are handled by referring customers to Online Guides and eToro’s Knowledge base. If a client wishes to speak to a representative, a ticket is opened and a representative contacts the customer as soon as possible. Customers can choose their customer service representative by clicking on their photograph, which is included with a brief bio of the representative on eToro’s customer service team page. Customer support is currently available by region in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Italian. In addition to its CySEC and FCA oversight, which ensures the broker is duly regulated in the European Union and the United Kingdom, eToro keeps their customer information secure. The company uses advanced Secure Socket Layer or SSL technology for the authentication of users and data transfers. eToro is at the forefront of social investing and is the preeminent online broker for traders who value such networking activities. With their newly integrated eToro trading and social investment platform, as well as their mobile app, eToro offers traders an excellent opportunity in this exciting new field. In addition, the company offers a Trading Academy, a Blog, a Trading eCourse and live webinars to educate novice traders. Their proprietary online eToro trading and social investment platform is fairly easy to use, and offers a free practice account just for signing up. eToro also rewards its most successful clients, since in addition to making money in their own accounts, profitable traders can also enter competitions, earn cash prizes, and have other traders follow their activities.

The larger the following of a trader, the larger the proceeds become from eToro, which can significantly increase a trader’s income versus just their trading activity. The most significant drawback with this broker are the rather long five day withdrawal period. All trading involves risk. Only risk capital you’re prepared to lose. Past performance does not guarantee future results. This post is for educational purposes and should not be considered as investment advice. Cryptocurrencies can widely fluctuate in prices and are not appropriate for all investors. Trading cryptocurrencies is not supervised by any EU regulatory framework. Your capital is at risk. Traders looking to harness the power of crowdsourcing to find trading ideas have ample tools on eToro’s social trading network to copy the trades of other users in real time across over 1000 instruments, including CFDs on popular cryptocurrencies. By Steven Hatzakis April 3rd, 2018 Updated: August 15th, 2018. As an early pioneer in social copy trading, eToro was founded in Israel in 2006 as a financial trading technology developer. After launching its first product, it has since grown to service over 4.5 million users with an innovative platform that continually evolves to be one of the largest social networks globally, with clients in over 170 countries.

eToro is regulated in the UK and Cyprus, with passports throughout Europe under MiFID. It also maintains a dormant US entity regulated with the National Futures Association (NFA). Since our 2017 review, eToro transitioned from its prior generation platforms, including its WebTrader and CopyTrader products, which have been integrated into the new eToro platform experience for web and mobile. eToro also offers CopyFunds, which are structured portfolios that use baskets of user-driven strategies, and provide a Top Trader module that automatically copies the most successful traders. In 2017, eToro nearly doubled the number of CFDs it offers, bringing the total up to 1,096, including on popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Dash, and Ripple (read our eToro Crypto review). Trading with a forex broker traders can trust is crucial to success. Unfortunately, forex fraud and scams are common in the industry. Here at ForexBrokers. com, we maintain the largest independent regulatory database available on the web. Using 28 different variables, we have created a proprietary 1-100 score (the higher the better) of overall trustworthiness, which we call the Trust Score. Here is our trust summary of eToro. Offering of Investments. The following table summarizes the different investment products available to eToro clients. eToro is a market-maker broker and lists a typical minimum fixed spread of three pips on the EURUSD, which is on the high end of the range when comparing brokers with fixed and floating spreads, making it a more expensive platform.

Compared to eToro, other social copy trading platforms charge separate stand-alone fees andor commissions, such as ZuluTrade, Tradency, or MetaQuote’s signals market on MT4MT5. For high volume traders who deposit over $20,000, eToro offers a premium account that provides additional perks such as withdrawal priority and access to an online trading room, among other VIP-style account benefits. It also offers a popular trader program that can further reduce spreads for those who meet strict performance criteria, as explained in the commission notes section further down the page. It is clear that when comparing fees alone, retail traders don’t choose eToro for its spreads, but rather for its platform and social trading capabilities tools (which are discussed further down), as its pricing is otherwise expensive. For our 2018 Forex Review, 129 customer service phone tests were conducted over three months. The data collected is institutional grade. On average, three questions were asked for each test. To score each test, the tests were divided into three separate groups and scores were given for the time taken to connect with each support representative and the ability of each representative to professionally (and thoroughly) answer each question. A Net Promoter Score was also given for the overall experience. Results: Average Connection Time: 2-3 minutes Average Net Promoter Score: 7 10 Average Professionalism Score: 6.4 10 Overall Score: 7.0 10 Ranking: 31 st (43 brokers) Beyond a standard economic calendar (which can only be viewed on the website) and news headlines (also found only on the website), there is little to no research on eToro in the traditional sense of technical and fundamental analysis. eToro does, however, incorporate many social elements into its available research tools when it comes to market sentiment. For example, rather than show sentiment based on all users – only the trades of top traders are used to calculate sentiment data (taking it a step above the usual sentiment tools brokers provide). In addition, collective commentary about an instrument will appear as a stream of updates from users to give you an idea of what other traders are posting about in the eToro network, compared to StockTwits, for example. There are also screeners, and gainers and losers are shown within the platform. Overall, the research offering has a good foundation but can be improved.

For example, adding news headlines and incorporating the economic calendar into the platform experience would help fill the gap in the research tools available on the eToro platform. After transitioning from its old WebTrader platform, decommissioned in April 2017, the latest generation eToro platform is web based and provides a richer experience. Starting with watchlists, it was easy to carry out basic operations and do things quickly, such as creating several watchlists and adding instruments by searching available markets, as well as placing a trade from each watchlist directly. Although there were only a few optional columns in the watchlist, they were the most essential for trading. Another nice feature was the ability to drag and move around watchlist items and change the view. The list is highly dynamic and has been incorporated throughout the platform. It is also the starting place to set an alert or open a chart window. For example, you can even add customer service to your watch list, which is an ingenious approach to innovation when it comes to watch list functionality. Charting was seamless, with 66 indicators, 14 drawing tools, and easy zooming in and out of price data. The drawing tools could be made more accessible by moving them to the upper toolbar of the chart window. In the current setup, they are bundled together with the technical indicators. Drawback aside, the charts are user-friendly. Stepping away from charts, one very innovative tool is CopyFunds, where eToro does the work for you. By grouping top traders into a single fund you can copy trade. For clients who have a hard time deciding who to copy trade, CopyFunds can be an alternative solution as each fund consists of a group of pre-selected traders you will automatically copy by investing in that particular CopyFund.

CopyFunds help bridge the gap for investors who want to use eToro on a passive basis, as they can create a portfolio based entirely on one or more CopyFunds. CopyFunds help bridge the gap for investors who want to use eToro on a passive basis, as they can create a portfolio based entirely on one or more CopyFunds. On the other hand, self-directed traders can also use CopyFunds to diversify their own trading, making it potentially useful for all eToro clients. Besides CopyFunds, other features such as the editors’ choice and popular traders serve as additional ways eToro attempts to find you the best traders to copy andor follow. With platform settings, eToro offers the ability to set a default trade size, leverage selection, and even a default stop and limit levels, per instrument traded. While similar functions exist at other firms, by reducing the number of clicks and mouse movements, eToro has made it seamless to do many of the things on its platform that would otherwise be time intensive, such as searching across thousands of users to copy trade. All traders on eToro trade manually. Fully automated trading systems are not permitted, which means when you copy another trader, you can be sure they are placing each trade manually. This is useful to know as many other social trading platforms that aggregate the performance of traders usually permit both discretionary (manual) trades as well as automated strategies, while eToro’s network consists solely of manual trading. All in all, the freshly launched eToro platform makes it easy to search for traders that meet specific performance criteria.

Or, if you just want to use the platform for self-directed investing, it is balanced for that too, despite the unavoidable social elements woven throughout the experience. eToro has done well merging self-directed trading and copy trading together under a unified trading experience. It’s a winning combination. Guide about the Forex Broker eToro. eToro has become a leader in global leader in Forex. Customer support is provided for the worlds main 8 languages. The trading platform covers a lot more languages. With low spreads (starting at 2 Pips) and covering all major currencies it is a favorite of many seasoned traders. Commodities: Gold, Silver, Oil. Tutorials for clients: available.

Test Account: available. Account access: downloaded software. European languages supported: All 9 major languages. eToro, initially established in 2006 as RetailFX, is an online Stocks, Currencies, Indices and Commodities social trading platform founded by two siblings Ronen and Yoni Assia and their partner David Ring. The two brothers and their partner established eToro with the goal of providing an online financial trading platform that is user-friendly and suited to traders of all levels of trading experience. The business concept proved to be hugely successful and currently serves millions of users from all over the world. Attracting thousands of new users every day, eToro has today become the world’s premier social trading platform. With eToro’s innovative and intuitive “OpenBook” trading platform, traders can now trade in various different types of financial instruments such as commodities, equities, currency pairs and market indices. The “CopyTrading” feature which comes with eToro’s trading platform also allows beginner traders to copy the trades of more experienced traders, offering the more experienced traders to leverage their trading skills into an additional revenue stream. To keep pace with changing trends in the industry, eToro developed and launched its innovative mobile trading app to allow eToro’s traders to trade the markets straight from their smartphones. In terms of regulatory oversight, eToro is regulated in 2 separate jurisdictions, UK and Cyprus. In the UK, eToro operating through eToro (UK) Ltd and registered by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the FCA reference number 583263. Since both CySEC and the FCA operate under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), this means eToro is a MiFID compliant broker and is authorized to operate within the Eurozone.

In Cyprus, eToro comes under the jurisdiction of the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC). Licensed under the Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) license number 10910, eToro complies with strict regulatory requirements such as operating with adequate capitalization and maintaining segregated accounts for their clients’ funds. Over the past ten years since eToro first began its operation, the broker has earned a reputation among the online trading community as one of the most reputable online brokers existing in the industry. Their services and “OpenBook” trading platform have been featured in numerous international financial periodicals such as Forbes, Financial Times, Finance Magnates, Fintech Finance and even on America’s cable news network CNBC. As mentioned earlier, eToro is regulated by both the UK’s FCA and Cyprus’ CySEC. Both these regulatory agencies impose strict regulatory guidelines which eToro is required to abide by. In addition to the regulatory oversight, investors of eToro are further protected with the coverage provided by UK’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme and CySEC’s Investor Compensation Scheme. All of eToro clients’ funds are kept in segregated accounts maintained at Tier 1 banks. For web security, eToro uses SSL encryption technology to ensure that all sensitive data are protected from any unauthorized intrusions. Finally, as a transparent and ethical broker, eToro doesn’t share any of clients’ personal data with anyone without their clients’ permission. eToro Trading Platform.

What makes eToro truly unique from other online trading brokers in the industry is their proprietary “OpenBook” trading platform. When the trading platform was first launched in 2010, it was the first social trading platform of its kind. This earned eToro the distinction of being the first broker to introduce the concept of social trading into the online trading industry. In other words, eToro has earned its badge as being the pioneer broker for social trading in the online trading industry. Unlike the traditional online trading platform, eToro’s trading platform harnesses the wisdom of the crowd to help traders maximize their investment returns. The social trading platform lets traders see each others trading statistics such as their market positions, profit levels and the trading strategies adopted in real time. It is through this OpenBook trading method that eToro is able to tear down all the barriers between traders and hence help to accelerate the learning process among traders on the social trading network. Apart from the web-based trading platform provided by eToro, traders also can download to their smartphones an Android and iPhone app of eToro’s trading platform. The mobile app lets a trader view in real time the feeds of other traders in the eToro social trading network just like the web-based OpenBook platform. In addition to the mobile trading app, traders can also view the prices of all the various instruments before placing their trades. They can also monitor their trading account as well as interact with other traders in the social trading network.

eToro Trade TypesInstruments. In terms of the types of instruments that are available for trading at eToro, they include a wide selection of international stocks, indices, precious metals, commodities, currencies pairs (forex) and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). In early 2014, eToro also introduced trading for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin but unlike other brokers in the industry where Bitcoin is traded as a currency, Bitcoin on eToro is available to be traded as a CFD derivative. In other words, traders on eToro’s social trading network will be buying and selling the cryptocurrency as a financial security which tracks the prices of Bitcoin on the open market. eToro Cryptocurrencies Trading. 2017 has been a boom year for the cryptocurrency market. The bulk of the cryptocurrencies that are being traded on the internet have seen their value rise astronomically. Leading the pack is Bitcoin with its peak price reaching as high as $20,000 per coin. As such, it is hardly surprising to find online traders gravitating towards crypto trading. To cater for the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency trading, leading online forex and CFDs brokers such as eToro have also begun to expand their cryptocurrency portfolio. Crypto trading is nothing new for eToro. In fact, eToro first offered Bitcoin trading as early as 2014.

Today, the broker has expanded its range of cryptocurrencies in its portfolio to cover the following digital assets: Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Dash Ethereum Ethereum Classic Litecoin Ripple. Cryptocurrency trading at eToro is simple. Instead of having to deal with the hassle of buying and selling the physical cryptocurrencies, eToro allows you to trade them using CFDs. The advantages of trading cryptocurrencies with CFDs include being more affordable, more secured and the ability to leverage your trades with a leverage ratio as high as 1:400. In addition to eToro, it is also possible to copy the trades of popular investors or CopyFunds. At eToro, things are kept simple, so traders, especially beginner traders, will not be overwhelmed by the number of decisions that they have to make regarding their trading account choices. As such, you can find 2 types of trading accounts at eToro, a standard trading account, and a practice account. To open a standard account, a minimum initial deposit of just $50 is required. As for the practice account at eToro, traders who sign up for access to the account will be given an initial deposit of $100,000 in virtual currency. This platform will allow the trader to conduct trial runs of their trading strategies without any financial risk to them. It also gives potential traders of eToro an opportunity to test out eToro’s services and trading platform before they commit any real money. eToro IslamicSwap-Free Account. A Swap free trading account or Islamic trading account is also available upon request to traders who wish to trade the financial markets without violating the Islamic Sharia principles. eToro Commissions and Spreads. eToro does not charge any annual fees or commissions for traders joining its social trading network. Instead, eToro charges a spread on top of the price quotes that they receive from the markets.

eToro ensures that its traders will not suffer from slippages when they make their trades. To give our readers an idea of the spreads charged by eToro, below is a list of the typical spreads which traders have to bear for some of the more frequently traded instruments (Spreads may vary according to the broker’s terms). Fill in The Form Below to Signup For Free! eToro Overview. Pros. Advanced social trading network Real-time quotes All-in-one platform Wide range of payment options. Cons. eToro is a social investment network company that was founded in 2007. This multi-regulated company is widely known to be the pioneer in integrating online trading with social media and now they have more than 5 million users across the globe.

Is this brokerage a good choice for trading? Let’s find out. They now have an all-in-one platform which integrates all the features of their previous platforms with all the tools you could possibly need to manage your trading portfolio. They have a very flexible social trading system so you can easily set the amount that you want to automatically copy. You’ll have the option to either copy all the open trades or only the new trades of your selected investor. There are no limits on the number of users that you can copy so you have the liberty to browse thousands of profiles and copy their trades to increase your chances of generating profitable yields. This complete set of online investment solutions deserves a Platform score of 910 on our table. They have done a fantastic job in making their page very visually attractive and what’s even better is that they always make constant updates and improvements. This is the main reason why they notched a Design score of 45 . Opening an account at eToro necessitates an initial deposit of ?200. This amount is considered to be average and it’s the reason why the notched a Minimum deposit score of 35 . With a low lot size, the risks are lowered and you can even do some experimenting on your trades. It’s a good thing that eToro allows a minimum lot size of 0.01 which is why they earned a Minimum Lots Size Score of 45 . eToro has a selection of trading instruments including stocks, commodities, indicies, currencies and even popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether (digital currency for the Ethereum blockchain), Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Stellar Lumens and NEO. With more than 1000 choices, it’s very easy to find an instrument that has promising returns and profit opportunities. Such variety warrants a Tradable Assets score of 55 . eToro’s spreads are still well within the competitive range as compared with the spreads of other popular brokers. Most of the assets have around 3 to 4 pip spreads which are standard for most platforms. For the EURUSD currency pair, the spread is 3 pips on average. These numbers warrant a Payouts score of 710 . Now how about the withdrawals? While most traders complain about the delays in the processing time of their withdrawal requests with their brokers, our experience with eToro in this part of the test was very smooth and didn’t take too long to accomplish.

As long they have all the necessary information, the withdrawal processing time only take 1 business day while the time it takes to receive the payment may vary depending on your payment provider. Such speed gets a Withdrawal Time score of 1010 . Deposit and Withdrawal Methods. It’s easy to add funds to the account since they support a wide selection of banking methods. This includes credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Diner’s Club), China Union Pay, Giropay (Sofortuberweisung), Neteller, Skrill Limited UK, WebMoney, Wire Transfer, Wirecard - Wire and Credit Card, Yandex and even PayPal. Such variety of ways for funding adds more convenience and lessens the hassles. This deserves a Deposit and Withdrawal Methods score of 55 . There are plenty of ways to contact the support department but is recommend that you first refer to their FAQ section or enter your queries in the Have a QuestionGet Instant Answers window at the lower left-hand corner of the website because you are most likely going to find the answers there. Overall, the excellent customer service warrants a Support score of 1515 . It’s highly essential to know if the quotes or market prices that you are receiving from your broker are accurate because this is where you will base your trading decisions. This is also a good way to test if they are indeed giving you the correct market prices or if they are controlling the values in their favor. Based on the stringent tests that were done on their platform, the feeds are synchronized with the actual market prices. This earns a Quote Accuracy score of 1010 . After doing an extensive research about this brokerage, we’ve learned that their reputation remains untarnished in many countries including the UK. They are widely known to be the pioneer in the social trading industry and that is proven by their massive 5 million global users.

Such integrity deserves a Reputation score of 1820 . eToro provides a suite of online investment solutions where the turnover opportunities are very promising thanks to their innovative combination of online trading and social media. Regardless if you’re a newbie that is looking for a safe entry into the trading scene or an advanced trader that is looking for higher rewards, this social investment network is your best choice. Final Score: 91100. *All trading involves risk. Only risk capital you’re prepared to lose. Past performance is not an indication of future results. This content is for educational purposes only and is not investment advice.


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