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Smart forex trading systemSeptember 29, 2012 in Courses. SMART Trader is a complete trading solution with multiple signal modules that can be loaded, or unloaded at will and includes our proprietary “painted bars” system which makes it far easier to scan visually for trade setups. SMART Trader gives you the flexibility to trade the way you want with only the signals you need at a fraction of the cost of the other VSA trading systems. By smartvsa. com. After installing the program , you must activate it from here : There is a (.dll ) file called : smarttrader. dll you must paste this file in your mt4 here : C:Program Filesyour brokerexpertslibraries. If you find that topic is useful , please click on share in your social networks to support us. Forex Smart Scalper – scalping system for M5 and M15. Forex Smart Scalper is a trading system designed for scalping on M5 and M15. It consists of two indicators: the main signal indicator (Forex Smart Scalper) and the filter (Forex Smart Filter). Apply Forex Smart Scalper follows on the main currency pairs in the busiest trading hours - the London and New York sessions. The system is very simple and understandable, so even a beginner trader will cope with it . Characteristics of the Forex Smart Scalper. Platform: Metatrader4 Currency pairs: Major pairs Trading Time: London and New York sessions Timeframe: Only M5 and M15 Recommended broker: Alpari , Forex4you. Rules of trade by Forex Smart Scalper. After installing the Forex Smart Scalper in the terminal MT4, you will see signals in the form of blue (Buy signal) and red (Sell signal) arrows, and a filter of blue (Buy Zone), red (sell Zone) and yellow (Flat) bars: Buy signal: Sell signal: A few more examples of trading from the developer: EURUSD, M5 performance: + 139 pips (+$1,390) in FEW HOURS! EURUSD, M15 performance: + 127 pips (+$1,270) - 1 trade! GBPUSD, M5 performance: + 50 pips (+$500) USDCAD, M15 performance: + 140 pips (+$1,400) USDCHF, M5 performance: + 128 pips (+$1,280) - 3 trades! Stop Loss should be placed on the nearest local minimummaximum.

Exit when the opposite signal appeared. Of course, the Forex Smart Scalper system needs training and testing on a demo account . Subscribe to be informed of new articles: In the archive Forex_Smart_Scalper. rar: Forex_SMART_Filter_v1.ex4 Forex_SMART_Scalper_v1.ex4. Passive Income with Algorithmic Trading. Let the FX Robot Trading for you. The Key towards Successful Forex Trading. What will Smart Algo Trade do for you? On Smart Algo Trade you will find a guide to learn the basics regarding Forex Algo Trading and Forex Robots that will help you become a profitable trader! On this website, you will find Free FX Robots, designed to help you on your journey to have some level of financial freedom through Forex Trading . Smart Algo Trade is a software house that develops robots based algorithm for Automated Forex Trading – Algo Trading. The purpose of this website is to introduce anyone who wants, to the world of algorithmic trading and investment in general and help to make money in Forex market with algorithmic trading. Our company Smart Algo-Trade believe that the technology of algorithmic trading is desirable and should be available to everyone in the world and not just the domain of banks and hedge funds and the likes. If you don’t have any knowledge of Automated Trading and investments in general, we recommend starting with a guide written especially for you How to Make Money in the Forex Market with Algo Trading.

This guide will help you understand all the ways in which investments can be exposed to the world in general and in particular Automated Forex Trading in reasonable time and knowledge. Website content will be changed from time to time and new opportunities will be uploaded on this website, for example, new Forex Robots we are working on, have the development of trade cooperation and engineers from around the world, and investments opportunities of PAMM products other record companies cooperation. Let us do the work for you and we will bring you investments opportunities that do not require much knowledge or effort. We invite you to visit the website regularly to see if new opportunities have been added. In addition, we will be happy if you share the social network friends by clicking on the buttons on the sides and also introduce them to the world of algorithmic trading and help them to make some money in Forex market with Automated Forex Trading . Smart forex trading system. This OverBought OverSold Trading Strategy is an ultimate guide to trading the market. The trading system includes the best trading indicators the forex trader must know. Time Frames: 30 min, 60min, 4 hours, and Daily Currency Pairs: GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY, and GBPJPY Metatrader Trading Indicators Trading Zone Heiken Ashi OBOS (OverBought OverSold Oscillator)… Forex TrendLine “Regression” Channel Trading. TrendLine “Regression” Channel Trading System and Strategy – In this article we will discuss the Linear Regression channel and some best practices for applying it to your price charts to improve your analysis. Time Frames: H1, H4, and Daily Currency Pair: GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD, AUDUSD, and GBPJPY MetaTrader Trading Indicators RendLine “Regression” Channel CCI NRP… The Best PREMIUM “NON-REPAINT” Trading Systems. The 7 Best “NON-REPAINT” Trading Systems NON-REPAINT tools are INDISPENSABLE in Forex trading Below are “The Best NON-REPAINT Trading Systems in the World 2018” that every Forex Trader MUST HAVE.

1. Rapid Trend Gainer It has AUTHENTIC, HIGH ACCURACY and NEVER REPAINTS signals. It works on M15, M30, H1, H4 and D1 timeframes. All the… Forex ABC Trending Stop Trading System. Trend Following Trading Strategy – Forex ABC Trending Stop Trading System. This Trading System is a trend following strategy. You only trade in the direction of the market trend (trend is your friend). Time Frames: H1, H4, and Daily Currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, and USDJPY Metatrader Trading Indicators ABC Trend Stop GANN… September 29, 2012 in Courses. SMART Trader is a complete trading solution with multiple signal modules that can be loaded, or unloaded at will and includes our proprietary “painted bars” system which makes it far easier to scan visually for trade setups. SMART Trader gives you the flexibility to trade the way you want with only the signals you need at a fraction of the cost of the other VSA trading systems. By smartvsa. com. After installing the program , you must activate it from here : There is a (.dll ) file called : smarttrader. dll you must paste this file in your mt4 here : C:Program Filesyour brokerexpertslibraries. If you find that topic is useful , please click on share in your social networks to support us. Smart forex trading system.

No need to spend hours in front of a computer! You can simply wait for a pop up alert for either buy or sell including an instant email notification delivered right on your PC. Forex Smart Scalper has an amazing functionality of generating faster pop up alerts and email notifications so that you can no longer lose in Forex again. Wow! Forex Smart Scalper sends signals that are clear and easy to understand: Red arrow (with alert, e-mail notification) – indicates "Open Sell Order" Blue arrow (with alert, e-mail notification) – indicates "Open Buy Order" We recommend to close the orders on their peak or wait for the next signal. With our products we are not after some flashy visuals – to us functionality is of utmost importance as well as brevity of the signals. We removed any and all pileups of unnecessary and visually distracting elements, such as lines, stripes, bars, waves, etc., so that they don’t distract the seasoned traders and don’t confuse novices. All that you will see in you chart are arrows and alerts. This makes the use of our product highly comfortable and easy to understand – even to a novice. WE’VE DONE EVERYTHING WE POSSIBLY COULD SO THAT WORKING WITH OUR PRODUCT WOULD BE HIGHLY COMFORTABLE AND A PLEASURABLE EXPERIENCE FOR YOU! AND NOW - WHAT ARE YOUR ACTIONS? NOW - YOUR TURN. THINK WISELY AND MAKE A PROPER CHOICE!

Time to make a decision! Today is an important and exciting day for me and Green Forex Group. We introduce to you our latest development - FOREX SMART SCALPER, designed to make you richer and happier. It is the FIRST product that showed such crazy result - and we were really happy and shocked to receive it. We are glad that our efforts and all long days of work were not in vain. VIP-STATUS : MOST-AWAITED! It was kept in a secret, but the time has come. You will not need to pay any taxes and VAT this time! REMEMBER: that you lose nothing! We guarantee that the product will show its best and pay back its price in a couple of profitable trades.

In any case, you are protected by our loyal refund policy. UP TO 200 PIPS DAILY - PROFIT RECORD! Risk reasonably - get fantastic results! Forex SMART SCALPER is totally a must-have for any trader: both a novice and a professional. Also you will never find such great conditions! Nothing to be afraid of! Protected from all sides! WHY SCALPING IS SO PROFITABLE? READ THIS IMPORTANT FACTS AND DECIDE YOURSELF. This is what a daily trade looks like from a medium or a long-term perspective of a trader: Now, let’s look at the same illustration, but through the eyes of the scalping-trader: Your day starts and ends practically with the same level. If a trader opened his order in the beginning of the day and closed it at the end of the day, he made almost no money. However, the fluctuations throughout the day are quite substantial. Naturally, this is a diagram of an ideal trading.

However, it gives you an idea that a scalper can earn a lot, whereas a regular trader can make almost nothing. You can try it on your own - to define the direction and the best possible moment for opening orders, however, it’s much easier to do it with Forex SMART Scalper. REMEMBER: If you are not satisfied with Forex SMART Scalper System, you will be able to get your cash back in full instantly at any point of time within 30 days of your purchase. WHAT WILL YOU GET ALL YOU NEED IS. PACKED! Do not forget that the System has pdf-files with all the necessary instructions for their installation and activation. So, for the lucky owners - read below what advantages you will receive additionally from us: File with the System + 1 license for Live account and unlimited number of licenses for Demo accounts. User’s Guide with most detailed System installation instructions with a whole lot of additional material. Life-long personal support. We support our products throughout the entire lifespan of the program.

Our friendly support operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week. (Yes, we’re open even on weekends!). Free updates. In case a product needs to be updated we release a new optimized version that is offered to the existent users completely free of charge. 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee if for some strange reason our product doesn’t meet your expectations. SUPER BONUS#1 - REMOVED! SUPER BONUS#2 - REMOVED! EXTRA BONUS - NO Taxes, NO VAT, NO fees payment: you pay only $129 (instead of $387) YOUR MONEY - ALWAYS YOURS - IT's THE LAW We always keep our word. Have you noticed that? Tell me honestly. Ok, guys. Let's be frank.

Anybody can say that at least one time I just did not keep my word and failed refund? Anybody can accuse us that we do not respect our members? Does anyone remember if we ever said "NO"? We would like you to be just honest, OK? If you bought a product and paid back its cost and earned - we hope that you will not ask us to issue a refund. We hope you respect our work and our desire to give you a product. Just remember: any, even the best product will run for limited time only. That's how robots and indicators are optimized. That's why every month or two we release a new product. For those who decided to get the System And for those who have not yet decided. but we hope that he will do it right now. So. it's your life and your choice. You can sit and wait for a miracle, and you can try to get richer.

And we give you the opportunity, but certainly cannot guarantee it. Ready? Do it! Right now! While launch is not over. Press ADD to CART button and get the product. In 20 seconds download Forex SMART SCALPER System. Install the System in Metatrader4 (details are in the User’s guide) Relax and take care of your other business - Forex SMART SCALPER independently analyzes the situation through the Internet and starts earning money for you. Take my word for it and download Forex SMART SCALPER here: (Forex SMART SCALPER System + user's guide) HOW TO MAKE SCALPING SIMPLE AND MORE PROFITABLE? NOT AN EASY TASK BUT THE WAY EXISTS. If a trader is disciplined and has a sense of purpose and if he’s armed with a highly effective software tool, it is much easier for him to make decisions, making his life uncomplicated. Just imagine yourself crossing the street with a street light turned off. And now imagine that they turned it on. How much easier did it get to make decisions with a working light? And this is pretty much just how it is to make decisions with Forex SMART Scalper! Scalping is highly delicate trading, that almost can’t be formally characterized.

In scalping, a lot depends on trader’s intuition, his "feel" for the market. So, in order to develop your own intuition and "feel" the pulse of a trade, do NOT start trading simultaneously on 10 pairs. Start with one. Currency pairs vary. Each one has its own specificity, character, uniqueness and even its own "behavioral pattern". Just don’t be lazy – observe, analyze and make your own conclusions and lastly try. And then, again, analyze. THE PLUSES OF FOREX SMART SCALPER: READ THIS. With successful transactions the system yields a serious profit: There’s no need to be technically proficient andor study a fundamental analysis. For scalping it’s just enough to know the rules on opening and closing the orders. You can trade any time of the day or night, using any currency pair. There’s no need to await for a trend, though if you "caught" a trend - don’t rush to close the position.

Inversely, maybe it makes sense to open another order in the same direction. A possibility to earn during minor price fluctuations. Quick money. The trade doesn’t require long trades – you begin to earn and see the results of your work right away. A room to improvise. You can use our system in concert with other systems. You can change the conditions for opening and closing of the orders, using your own knowledge and experience. A possibility to trade with small deposit. Even if your deposit is $100.00, you can start working with lots of 0.1 – (it depends on your broker and your leverage). FAST INSTALLATION SPEND JUST 5-7 MINUTES TO INSTALL THE SYSTEM. Forex SMART SCALPER comes in a full package with its detailed User’s Guide. It is pretty simple and usually takes about 1 minute for an experienced trader and up to 5-7 minutes for a complete novice. If you know how to use a mouse and can CopyPaste the files it won’t take you long. Here’s, in brief: After the purchase, a confirmation message with the instant download link will be sent to your email.

Download the compressed archive and unzip it. Inside you’ll find both System and User’s Guide files. Follow just 2 steps from the manual: Download and save System's files in the experts folder of your MetaTrader 4, Restart MT4 and drag Forex SMART Scalper from the Navigator into a currency pair chart. And that is all The entire installation process. Highly unlikely you’ll spend more than 5 minutes on it. If never done that before, please don’t worry – our user’s guide has detailed instructions with screenshots. HOW TO TRADE BY USING FOREX SMART SCALPER? ANY SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE IS NOT REQUIRED! That’s easy! Open any pair, timeframe M5-M15. Install the System according to the manual instructions. And. do NOT start trading. ATTENTION: Our dear members! We ask you that you please read our User’s Guide. There you’ll find in great details all actions required to use Forex SMART Scalper properly.

It answers pretty much ANY and ALL questions you may have. Simply, read very attentively the entire Guide – it’s very short! …AND now, having fully understood when you need to open and close orders, you can proceed to trade on Demo Account. Make sure you first try to trade using a Demo Account. It will allow you to see and evaluate the signals, to open and close orders correctly, while preparing you to trade on a real account. You WILL see that trading with Forex SMART Scalper is EXTREMELY easy! SO. WHAT TO DO RIGHT NOW: STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTION. Press Add to cart button, get your VIP Forex SMART license. Install the product and start making money in 5-10 minutes. Get your Forex SMART SCALPER System. Click ADD TO CART button and take away a unique brand-new product. UNIQUE ACCOUNT PROTECTION SYSTEM Nobody (except our customers) can use the System! Our company always takes care of your privacy. Please get acquainted with our new safety system implemented in Forex SMART Scalper System. The product is protected from piracy and illegal access.

That's why each copy of the product can be installed only on ONE personal computer. Remember that your personal copy of the product will be attached to your account and PC which means that only you have the access to it. You will need to register it as described in the user's guide using your Order Number. Get your own trading license! The process of license registration is simple and takes a couple of minutes. After the installation you will see Index Software XXX red message on the chart. You need to copy the numbers and send them to our support [email protected] com We will generate your personal code and send it to you. All you need is insert it into Inputs (field Code). The message Index Software should become green. You are ready to trade! A FEW WORDS ABOUT BROKERS BE CAREFUL WHILE CHOOSING ONE. Experienced brokers know: as soon as your Forex trade becomes very successful, any broker begins to complicate your life… A broker can achieve that by doing the following: Widening the spread: Spread is the money that broker makes from each of your orders. The size of the spread isn’t constant and can be changed by a broker at hisher discretion. Make sure (!) to inquire about the size of your broker’s spread and choose the one with preferably minimal spread. Requotes: With rapid price fluctuations, your broker may not allow you to open orders, every time stating that: "The price has changed, do you agree to open the order at the next price?

" And this can go on for quite some time, until a strong impulse on the market won’t wither away… Cheating: This is a very common occurrence, belonging to Expert Advisors. When you robot begins to make profits in rather large chunks, the broker can start implementing "cheating". The simple example is the unexpected, sudden (1-5 sec.) price movement, which closes your order on Stop Loss. If you check the quotations on another broker terminals, you may not see such activity there. So, now that it’s "cheating". THE WEAPON OF YOUR VICTORY WE PROTECT OUR PRODUCTS FROM CHEATING. During the war, "weapon" developers search for any available means to have a trader win each and every battle. So, if it’s impossible to fight the Spread Augmentation or Requotes, counteracting and fighting the Cheating must be mandatory. Forex SMART Scalp er is protected from cheating by the very fact that it’s a manual system and a broker simply can’t put together the actions by thousands of traders, who trade with Forex SMART Scalper.

Given that thousands of traders receive a signal simultaneously, not all of them open orders at the same time. And because each trader is unique, a broker is helpless to do anything. Advices on choosing a broker to work with Forex SMART Scalper are very simple: Choose only a broker with a good reputation. Many forums have entire sections exclusively dedicated to brokers. There you can learn about all the ‘pluses’ and ‘minuses’ of each broker. Don’t be lazy – take a look and see it for yourself. Choose a broker with a minimal spread. An excessive spread may make your scalping gainless. A large spread is, simply, a chunk out of your pie that goes to somebody else.

WARNING! We don’t advise you doing scalping from ECN-broker terminal. ECN brokers take disproportionately large commission from each order and this commission is much larger than any spread by non-ECN brokers. ABOUT "DELAYS". SOME WORDS ABOUT THE CORRECTNESS OF SETTING SIGNALS. The theme of "delays" is raised quite often at both, the forums and in the correspondence we receive from our members. Their main idea is as follows: Indicators send delayed signals and don’t allow earning all possible profits. We agree, oftentimes indicators send signals a bit later. However, try to choose which is better of the two: the early and incorrect signal or a late, but extremely accurate one? We think the choice is obvious. Possibly, the only preemptive signal could be divergenceconvergence and exactly this algorithm that we use in our Forex SMART Scalper. Should you wish to learn more about divergenceconvergence, there’s plenty of information about it on the internet. WHEN WILL THE SYSTEM PAY FOR ITSELF? ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS!

It will all depend on the size of your deposit and the risking practices of your trading style. Even with the smallest lot (and the deposit of around $100), exercising a minimal risk, the system will pay for itself in 3-5 days. If your deposit is greater, the system will pay off even sooner. The only one thing that we’d like to ask you for, is your honesty. If the system already paid for itself, please don’t abuse our refund policy. Be honest. We’ve managed to flawlessly accomplish our task, so that you could rip the benefits of our labor. And for those, who after having received a refund still continue using our system, we’ve developed an algorithm, that turns off the program’s indicators at the end of the 30-day term after the purchase. GUARANTEES OUR 30 DAYS REFUND POLICY. We give 100% guarantee of performance of our products, as we use them all the time in real life, and constantly analyze all trading results and if necessary make changes to improve performance. You absolutely do not risk anything. Our refund policy: 1. You buy an unlimited period of use of the software version of the product. 2. To make a claim for payment is necessary that the period from the date of purchase does not exceed 30 days. 3. All our products are installed and operated only in the terminal MetaTrader4. We expect that our customers have basic knowledge of MetaTrader4 (MT4) and are able to install and use purchased software (advisors experts, indicators, automated trading systems and trading strategies).

We do not accept the claim cannot install the purchased software on your computer. 4. We expect that you have a basic knowledge of computer, operating system and software. We are not responsible for any damages that are caused due to lack of knowledge on the use of computers and trade in the currency market Forex. Click ADD TO CART button and take away a unique brand-new product. WHY YOU NEED FOREX SMART SCALPER NOW TOP 5 REASONS. 30-Day Full Money Back No-Questions Asked Guarantee with our 247 support. ADRENALINE. ADRENALINE. WHAT WILL YOU FEEL WHILE SCALPING. Adrenaline. Your heart beats faster, your senses intensify, your pupils dilate. Your blood rushes through your veins even faster, your muscles contract and get tense. Your mind plays a multitude of visuals. You start to resemble a loaded gun. Is it good?

If the adrenaline is accompanied by a profit – yes, that is good! If the adrenaline is accompanied by a loss – no, it’s bad. Some traders, while trading on forex, become adrenaline-dependent. These people resemble drug addicts – time after time they open M1 and it is losses, losses and even more losses… No one wants THIS type of adrenaline. We, on the other hand, want to offer you to experience an adrenaline of a different kind. Trading with a Forex SMART Scalper will give you a simultaneous sensation of adrenaline rush from scalping and a sudden burst of pleasurable sensation from turning a profit. At the end of the day, in spite of your tiredness, you’ll be able to proudly glance in the Account History and then your feeling of being tired will suddenly disappear, leaving only the hormones of "happiness" – the endorphins circulating throughout your body. And tomorrow is another day! You’ll only have two "enemies": Saturday and Sunday. Only during those two days Forex is silent. But try to use even these two "enemies" to your advantage. You’ve got two whole days to analyze your trade, draw your own conclusions, so that the following week you can earn even more. Our Forex SMART Scalper will always be with you. GREEN FOREX GROUP? YES! ALMOST 10 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. Forex software market can be misleading.

There are lots of products sold and all of them promise you stable income and no-stress trading. We understand how confusing it can be. We guess that you have already read many vendors’ websites before found ours. And it is our minute to interest you! Why you should choose us? We do not differ from many vendors in many points We also develop Forex software We also promise you big easy money We also sell our products for an acceptable price. We can look like scam, you will say. But we have an explanation! We give you a strong guarantee! We provide and issue refunds if you do not like the product for ANY reason! We develop products for 8 years! That number speaks for itself, isn’t it? We always test our products ourselves and show you real statements! We have implemented a strong security system into the product! You will not be attacked by hackers and scammers! QUALITY OF OUR PRODUCTS MADE BY GREEN FOREX GROUP. When we collect feedback we find the following reasonable question from our customers from time to time – «Why do you launch products so often?

» There is just one simple answer. Everything is progressing; Forex market DOES forge ahead in high gear. Our development team catches the trends and implements it into our software. We try to be on the wave and develop up-to-date strategies that will be successful in the current conditions on the market. We know exactly how to develop effective and super-powerful trading instruments. And what’s more important, we use all our products ourselves on daily basis. Mind also that each and every customer has 30 days to test our product. Particularly, during that period, if our product didn’t live up to your expectations, we offer a full, no-questions-asked refund. While I'm perfectly sure you will not need it as the experience shows. OUR SUPPORT TEAM WE ARE ALMOST 24 HOURS ONLINE. My support team is a team I really proud of. If there would be some professional competitions, they would won the first price! Let me introduce them to you. It is a group of 25 people working in day and night shifts. They are real traders themselves because they need to know everything about technical aspect of the Forex trading.

They also test our products to be ready to answer any question. They are stress-resistant because they have lots of work and some customers can be quite disturbing. They politely answer all the questions and all our customers stay satisfied. I personally control their work. We proudly announce that our support team now operates virtually around the clock, 24 hours a day. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that all your questions will be answered virtually immediately. Try to submit a question and you’ll come to realize that we are THE fastest and most responsive team out there. Agree - it’s imperative when your money’s at stake. That means that should you have any questions, no matter how trivial, we’ll answer any in a rapid-response manner. OUR REFUND POLICY ONCE AGAIN ABOUT OUR 30-DAYS-MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE. We guarantee a 30-day money-back guarantee on all products. We can fully understand how important this is to you. This is why I decided to put it in writing: ONCE AGAIN: This is OUR BEST result - $5,840.00 in just ONE trading day. Check the screenshots above (live proof): So. What to do now: Press Add to cart button, get your Forex SMART Scalper license. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS TOP 10. Q: How difficult will it be for a beginner to master scalping following your system? A: If you know how to open an order and you have a color monitor – that’s sufficient. You already can work with our system and make money.

Should you have any additional questions, please contact our 247 Customer Support. Q: If I trade on a few pairs simultaneously, how high is the risk to miss the signals? A: Please don’t rush into trading simultaneously on multiple pairs. Yes, you may even trade on all pairs at the same time, but it won’t make more sense. Instead, we recommend that you limit yourself to 1-2 pairs , study them, observe their signals and only after successful trading on 1-2 pairs, should you move on to increased lot size. By doing so, it won’t make you spread your attention all over and simultaneously increase the size of your profit. Q: You mention, that the said system can be utilized to trade at any time of the day. Nevertheless, the market activity considerably varies during the day. According to your test results, what time of the day is the best time for turning the highest profit? A: With Forex Smart Scalper, there’s no limitation on the time of the trade. The market is in constant motion.

So, even with the insignificant price fluctuations, you can still make money. Q: I read that if I ask for a refund, my program will stop working after 30 days from the date of purchase? However, if I happened to like the program, do I need to renewextend my license or you will do it automatically? A: After 30 days if you don’t request a refund and if you are happy with the program, please e-mail our support team and indicate the name of your product, order number and the date of purchase. We will renew your license free of charge. Q: I’ve got a computer at work and a home notebook and I usually trade from both places. Do you limit the use of the program to only one (1) computer? A: Yes, we expressly ask that our customers don’t use our program on more than one (1) computer at a time. Besides, the system can be installed only on 1 real account, with a maximum number of Demo accounts set at 5. All our products are traceable through the internet, so please don’t violate this ‘intellectual property’ policy. Q: In the event that I don’t like your product, do you guarantee me a full refund? A: Yes, absolutely!

We keep our promises. All our customers, who ever requested a refund, got it. Q: I’ve got an unstable internet connection. Will it affect the precision of the signals? A: We don’t advise people to do scalping, if you don’t have a reliable internet connection. It’s quite possible that your order may be open, then you lose the connection, as the price will reverse. This way, theoretically, you could sustain some serous monetary losses. Q: How often does your system send out signals? How many hours a day should I spend in front of my monitor? A: Forex Smart Scalper sends out somewhere between 10 and 50 signals daily. You can plan out your own time as you wish. You may spend in front of the monitor either 1 hour or 12 hours – it all depends on how much you want to earn. Q: Do your indicators change color? A: Our Indicators don't repaint if you mean it, but they do change colors as a signal for you to openclose an order. Q: Will this product equally have an expiration date just like all your other products?

A: Yes, it will! As soon as our product notifies you of its expiration, please shoot an e-mail to our support team and we will, without further delay, send you an unlimited version of the program. This is our way to protect our interests against dishonest users of our software, who use our 100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to get a refund and who still continue using our products afterwards. Q: What brokers does your system work with best? A: This page has detailed recommendations on how to choose a broker for scalping with our system. Believe us when we tell you that having a reliable broker is one of the most important conditions for successful scalping. Unreliable broker, on the other hand, can annihilate all your efforts: you either won’t make any money or worse, will sustain monetary losses. Q: I’ve got a small deposit of around $130.00. Can I trade using your system? A: You have a real chance to radically increase the size of your deposit. You risk very little when you use our system. If you pay a close attention to what’s going on and can concentrate on your trades, your deposit will grow steadily. Press Add to cart button, get your Forex SMART Scalper license.

BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS. Please, don’t buy illegal copies of our products! This software is protected by authors patented algorithm which eliminates the code partially at the attempt to decompile. Software cracking leads to its unprofitable performance. Henceforward all pirate copies function absolutely incorrectly. I appeal to those traders who want to save money at the purchase of our product: money given to pirates are thrown away. We found a way to protect our software so that it will give a hard time to pirates. If you want to cut down your expenses, take advantage of our limited offer. In order to check the product "legitimacy" you found on the web, please contact our Support Team with a link and we’ll do the rest for you. Or, simply verify the price. Is it suspiciously low? Don’t fool yourself. Instead of getting a full-blown version of our software, you will get a chopped-up, limited version of the program and by doing so, you not only support the crooks, but also in the process violate copyright laws.

Purchase the product from our official web-site. Don’t break the law! A good product is always worth the money. We absolutely guarantee your satisfaction! REMEMBER! JUST REMEMBER PLEASE. We thought you might like to know and it would be worth noting that part of the proceeds is transferred to the Environmental Protection Fund. Acquiring any of our great products, you’re not only getting a top-notch financial instrument, but at the same time help ecologically protect our beautiful blue planet. We are true believers that the future generations will thank us for taking care of them in that way. It may warm your heart, knowing that with each dollar you earn, you also make a contribution of a different kind in the preservation and betterment of our beautiful Mother Earth. Press the "Add to cart" button and we will process your payment information. Once completed, we will send you complete instructions on how to download and install Forex SMART Scalper System. We will also show you how to get immediate help and support if you should need it. Green Forex Group. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me by email at any time. I will do my best to help you. Forex Trading Strategy #26 Forex Smart Scalper Trading Strategies. Best Trading System: Forex Trading Strategy #26 Forex Smart Scalper Trading Strategies – 70-85% of profitable trading signals. Forex Smart Scalper is a fast signalling and more accurate trading indicator in this Forex trading system.

The Forex Smart filter Indicator combining with Slow Stochastic and the Moving Average Convergence and Divergence (MACD). The MACD is best trend trading indicator, but sometime to be lagging due to its slow responsive signal line. Best Trading Forex 81% Accuracy, High Profitability Forex Smart Scalper Trading System & Strategy very profitable for 5M And 15M trading and you can trade a day trading. Best Forex Signal Indicator similar to a Moving Average Convergence and Divergence (MACD). It is a line on the graph of the currency pair which varies depending on the direction of prices. Forex Trading Strategy #26 Forex Smart Scalper Trading Strategies. 1) It consists of two indicators: the main signal indicator (Smart Scalper) and the filter (Forex Smart Filter). Apply Forex Smart Scalper follows on the main currency pairs in the busiest trading hours – the London and New York sessions. The system is very simple and understandable, so even a beginner trader will cope with it. 2) You Must Consider main signal from the Forex Smart Scalper indicator lines Forex Smart Filter. The Key indicators are Forex Smart Filter, Forex Smart Scalper. 5 minute (5m) Chart Set-up. Description: An intraday trend following trading method, using the following indicators: 1) Indicator Forex Smart Scalper. 2) Forex Smart Filter. Rules: Only take trades between 8AM-12PM EST andor 2AM-4AM EST. BUY. The main signal from the Forex Smart Scalper indicator also confirmed indicator Forex Smart Filter, at the opening of the next candle is the deal on the purchase. Take profit.

70 points. Stop loss. SELL. The main signal from the Forex Smart indicator also confirmed indicator Forex Smart Filter, at the opening of the next candle is the deal on the selling. Take profit. 70 points. Stop loss. Screen shots: GBpUSd Buy signal and Sell signal below Characteristics of Forex Smart Scalper Forex Trading Strategy. Platform: Metatrader4 Currency pairs: Any currency pairs Trading Time: 8AM-12PM EST andor 2AM-4AM EST Timeframe: 5min & 15 min and better result 5m Recommended broker: Exness. So, when you open a demo account. And Treat it as a live account and your real money. lose money with your live account so easily? If not, then do not lose with your demo account also be careful Play the Golden Rule: Never Lose money.

How do I start Forex trading? That way you can get a feel for the process and decide if trading forex is for you. When you’re consistently making good trades on demo, then you can go live with a real forex account. Here is the deal best Forex broker EXNESS. Smart Forex Trend Trading Strategy. A very nice forex trend trading strategy composed of only 2 trend following indicators. This strategy can be used on the most popular time frames including the hourly chart. Chart Setup. Indicators: HMA_v2, FXprime_V2Final-JE Preferred time frame(s): M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, Daily, Weekly Trading sessions: London and US Preferred Currency pairs: Majors + GBPJPY and EURJPY. Download. Example: GBPJPY 15 Min Chart. In this example, 3 entry signals resulted in two 2 wins and 1 small loss. Click the chart to enlarge. Trading Rules.

For long positions: HMA indicator draws lightblue dots (up trend) FXprime_V2Final-JE trend bars indicator green color (from red to green) ==> Initiate Buy trade. Stop Loss: 5 pip below the most recent swing low (short-term support). Exit Strategy : Exit the trade for riskreward ratio 2:1 or better (i. e. risking 60 pips to earn 120). For short positions: HMA indicator draws red dots (down trend) FXprime_V2Final-JE trend bars indicator red color (from green to red) The Best Forex Trading. The sheer size of the forex, or foreign exchange, market dominates all others — even the stock market. Every payment that crosses currencies contributes to its fluctuations and its momentum. And without a centralized marketplace, forex activity buzzes practically without cease, with traders waking up and doing business everywhere, in every time zone. To get a piece of the action, you need a forex brokerage with best-in-class trading technology and stellar support. We gathered a list of 65 forex trading brokers and narrowed it down to the best 5 by analyzing research features, customizability options, and trading platforms. Thinkorswim is the best option for U. S. traders looking to trade forex and multiple other products. Its robust and powerful platform puts every imaginable forex trading tool at your fingertips, but the level of advanced features may not be ideal for beginners. January 19, 2018 - Increased regulation coupled with higher capital requirements have forced several forex brokers to leave the playing field, making it in some ways easier to find the very best. We’ve revisited our top picks, eliminating old contenders and evaluating the stand-out strengths of the remaining firms. The Best Forex Trading.

Other to consider. Other to consider. Other to consider. Other to consider. How We Found the Best Forex Trading. All good forex brokers update account information in real time, display balances, and provide history reports and statements. But exceptional brokers offer trading technology boasting a broader spectrum of features — from alerts to automated trading — helping you to execute simple and advanced trades strategically. To make it to the top of our list, forex brokers needed to provide customizable interfaces and interactive charts. We also wanted technology that’s not desktop-bound. As mobile trading continues to grow, the best brokerages make high-performance, on-the-go research and trading tools as powerful as traditional platforms. We prioritized brokers staying ahead of the curve with dedicated, well-functioning apps compatible with a variety of devices.

On top of those basics, we kept an eye out for responsive client support (how easy is it to get help and guidance when you need it) as well as introductory incentives (things like special offers, free demos, and referral programs). Both are attractive reasons to start trading with a given firm, especially when you’re first getting started. But the standard practices of the brokerage outweigh any first-timer perks in the long run. Here are a couple of key features we looked for. Major Currency Pairs are the most important, most traded worldwide currency pairs available through a forex broker. They consist of currencies from the world’s most developed economies including Europe, Japan, Canada, and Australia. A major currency pair is created when one of these currencies is traded against the U. S. dollar. Examples include Euro vs. the US Dollar (EURUSD) and the US Dollar vs. the Canadian Dollar (USDCAD). Major Currency Pairs is an important category because these pairs represent the most heavily traded and liquid currency markets for any forex trader. Cross Currency Pairs includes secondary currencies traded against each other and not against the U. S. dollar. Examples include Euro vs. the Japanese Yen (EURJPY) or the British Pound vs. Swiss Franc (GBPCHF).

Most reputable brokers offer this category of trades, and it’s especially important for a forex trading account denominated in a currency other than the U. S. dollar, or for more advanced traders exploiting discrepancies between other economies. Research is an important category for traders looking for assistance or seeking confirmation on a trade. Forex brokers provide clients with the resources to understand market activity and make fast, informed choices, with advanced charting capabilities, third-party research, research reports, and market commentary. Some forex brokers also offer access to historical data so traders can back-test strategies before allocating real money. (Experimenting with virtual trading, if it’s available, is another good way of getting your feet wet.) We also wanted to see educational resources — opportunities to learn more about forex trading and platform navigation via articles, videos, and webinars. Additionally, the best forex brokers provide a superb trading community to facilitate the exchange of trading ideas. Support should be available during all trading hours through multiple channels including live chat, email, and phone. Our Picks for the Best Forex Trading. thinkorswim A full-service brokerage for savvy investors - trade forex alongside other investment products all from the same account.

Part of TD Ameritrade, that vast online brokerage, thinkorswim enables you to trade forex, stocks, futures, and options all from one account. Save time and keep abreast of your diverse portfolio without the hassle of switching between windows and platforms. Even better, these combined tools are available through just about any device. You can even customize alerts for on-the-go trading. One trading perk we’re not seeing: automated trading. That feature is only available if you subscribe to their newsletters, which are focused on options trading. Thinkorswim sits among the top forex brokers in terms of tradable currency pairs, allowing experienced traders or international traders to get a part of currency fluctuations in more obscure economies. While thinkorswim provides a ton of virtual and in-person support (unique amongst online firms), the complexity of its trading platform may be overkill for beginners. Same goes for the lofty $3,500 minimum deposit. Check out Ally Trading if you’re a forex novice. Costs and Fees. Forex Trade: $1.00 + $0.10 per 1,000 lot Forex Trade Cost Type: Flat and pips Futures Trade: $2.25contract Minimum Deposit: $2,000 Options Trade: $9.99 + $0.75contract Stock Trade: $9.99. Trading Details.

Clearing Method: Dealing Desk Maximum Leverage (International): 50:01:00 Maximum Leverage (U. S.): 50:01:00. Ally Invest Smart tools for sophisticated trades, without classing out investors new to forex. Ally Invest makes it easy to get started trading forex even if you’re operating on a budget, providing low minimums and tight spreads. You can start trading with just $500 in your account. The smart and streamlined trading interface also makes it quick and easy to watch trends and make trades. One of the best parts about Ally’s trading platform: the intuitiveness of its layout and functions. New investors should be able to get familiar with the lay of the land fairly quickly by navigating out from the trading panel. The panel also includes shortcuts: buy and sell with one click. As your preferences develop, you can customize the look and location to suit your trading style. While Ally’s price points are ideal for new traders, the educational resources are somewhat lacking.

The site can walk you through the basics, but you’ll need to look elsewhere for courses, videos, and tutorials. You’re also not able to access other investment products within the same account. Unlike thinkorswim, you’ll have to open up and individually access other accounts if you’re interested in trading stocks, options, or futures in addition to forex. Recently, Ally has gobbled up a couple of other key brokerages offering forex: Tradeking and MB Trading. Not a big point of consideration when you’re just looking at company offerings, but it’s a notable factor when looking at financial solidity across the board. Costs and Fees. Forex Trade: $13 Forex Trade Cost Type: Pips Futures Trade: NA Minimum Deposit: $500 Options Trade: NA Stock Trade: NA. Trading Details. Clearing Method: Straight Through Processing Maximum Leverage (International): 50:01:00 Maximum Leverage (U. S.): 50:01:00. ATC Brokers Super customizable and super transparent, a forex brokerage for the serious trader. High-end trading tools and perks that will be attractive to adroit traders, like a non-dealing desk environment. ATC’s Straight Through Processing (STP) order system posts your order directly to counterparties, taking away the possibility of your broker holding a conflict of interest and trading against you. The advanced platform also allows you to customize and quickly execute orders, moving between analysis to trading without navigating windows. ATC provides backtest trading software to run simulations and testrun strategy, but goes light on other beginner-friendly features. For instance, its high minimum deposit ($5,000) and weak educational resources. Once again, look to Ally Invest for a more democratic entrance to forex. Costs and Fees.

Forex Trade: $0.80 Forex Trade Cost Type: Commission Futures Trade: Contact Company Minimum Deposit: $5,000 Options Trade: NA Stock Trade: NA. Trading Details. Clearing Method: Straight Through Processing Maximum Leverage (International): 200:01:00 Maximum Leverage (U. S.): 50:01:00. Forex. com A trading platform exclusively for forex. Excellent for the seasoned and specific investor. Editor’s Note: On February 6th, 2017, FXCM reached a settlement related to the charges brought forth by the National Futures Association (“NFA”) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”) to withdraw from the US market. A non-binding letter of intent has been signed with GAIN Capital Holdings (owner of the retail brand Forex. com) to transfer all accounts at no expense to the customer. No date has been set for the transition yet. Powerful tools and robust research make Forex. com a good choice for the seasoned forex trader. Every portion of the platform and app is customizable, plus provides stellar access to the Electronic Communications Network (ECN). The most attractive aspect of ECN pricing: no middlemen. Lower trading costs and increased transparency are the results.

Forex. com is a great option for the dedicated forex trader, but if you’re interested in dabbling in other investment products you’ll need to look elsewhere. Costs and Fees. Forex Trade: $13 Forex Trade Cost Type: Pips Futures Trade: NA Minimum Deposit: $500 Options Trade: NA Stock Trade: NA. Trading Details. Clearing Method: ECN Maximum Leverage (International): 50:01:00 Maximum Leverage (U. S.): 50:01:00. OANDA Not as transparent as some, but chock-full of helpful tools to test, strategize, and perform trades. OANDA serves the forex trading needs of the inexperienced and the experts alike, with a range of user-friendly and robust platforms, desktop and web-based. Both options translate to mobile apps so you’re never far from your investments. Another major bonus: access to historical exchange rate data. Backtest strategies before you trade in one of the largest currency databases across the globe. You can also subscribe to the data feed for even deeper analysis.

One downside to OANDA — it’s a market maker. Setting the bid and the ask price means its protocol stands in opposition to the open pricing and non-interest conflict of an ECN. However, these pricing mechanisms are almost wholly automated, meaning concerns of partiality are largely unfounded. Like Forex. com, OANDA doesn’t provide any products to American investors besides forex. If being able to diversify your interests while staying within the same brokerage is important to you, check out thinkorswim or Ally Invest. Costs and Fees. Forex Trade: $12 Forex Trade Cost Type: Pips Futures Trade: NA Minimum Deposit: $0 Options Trade: NA Stock Trade: NA. Day Trading Forex Live – Learn To Trade Pro Forex Strategies. Learn To Trade Forex With Smart Money | Bank Trading Strategies – Part 1. You probably started in the forex market the same way I did, with the same dream of day trading forex for a living and financial freedom. Heck, you and I probably bought some of the same trading products. Do you remember the feeling you had when you bought those first few products? I sure do! If I had to sum it up in one word for me, it would have been hoping! The hope of never having to work again, the hope of being financially free, the hope of money never being a worry! Unfortunately for me, and probably for most reading this, things didn’t quite pan out that way. Now I’m not going to sit here and harp on how bad the products in the forex market are, rather I’m simply going to get right into the problem and how to go about fixing it! I’d like to ask you right here and now to “suspend your disbelief.” What I mean by that, is to shut off the little part of your brain that always wants to raise doubt.

If you can suspend your disbelief long enough to get through this series of articles I believe I can help you. Alright, let’s get right into the core of the issue. Suspend Your Disbelief. Every day there is more crap thrown in everyone’s face. “Educators” wants to tell you trading forex is so easy. That’s BS….its not! If learn to trade forex was easy, everyone would do it! If there was a magic indicator, EA, or piece of forex trading software do you think they would sell it to you for $99? Ask yourself this one question, give it some SERIOUS thought and be completely honest with yourself….do you know ANYONE who can PROVE to you they are profitable through the use or forex indicators, EA’s, and trading software? And not just for one or two months but for 6 months or longer? I’m literally pleading with everyone reading this to meditate on the preceding question. Unfortunately, most, including myself at one point believed that the short-term pain of effort was worse than the long-term pain of failure. I can assure you it’s not! YOU as a forex trader have to stop following the masses. It is an undeniable fact that retail forex traders as a whole lose money over the long haul 95% of the time! Again, if you want to ever realize your dreams in the forex market and make them a reality, you MUST stop follow the masses today!

To identify how to stop following them, we must first identify what in fact the masses do. Only then can we properly learn how to trade forex profitably. Forex Brokers Point Of View… Now I could just answer this question in the same boring manner, but I want to present this to you in a way you’ve more than likely never considered before. Let’s look at the forex market from the forex broker’s point of view. Now, most know how the average “bucket shop” forex broker works but in case you’re unfamiliar we will quickly discuss the subject. Suppose you’re wanted to buy the GBPUSD….you press buy on your broker platform, and your order goes to “Mister Broker.” Instead of taking your buy order to the marketplace and matching your buy order with someone wanting to sell your broker does something quite different…THEY sell you the amount of GBPUSD you want to buy, and if you were selling the GBPUSD or any other pair, they would buy it from you. Now at first, this might not sound all that bad, I mean at least with this model you’ll always be able to get in and out of a trade right? Yes, but at what price is the question? Think about the conflict of interest this presents. If you bought, then this means your broker sold it to you. Therefore if the market goes up, you make money….but at the same time, you have to remember the broker sold it to you and therefore they are losing money as the market goes up. On the other hand, if the market were to go down after you bought you would be losing money, but your broker would be making money. By taking the opposite side of every forex trade, you take the broker has a conflict of interest 100% of the time. Your broker profits what you lose, and loses when you profit.

This is where it gets interesting! We now know their business model, and now we can start asking logical questions to draw a logical conclusion. If I were to ask you what the number one platform used in the forex market was, I’m sure most would reply “MT4” or MetaTrader 4. This is a beautiful charting package that almost every forex broker uses. What do you think it cost to have that trading platform designed and refined over the years? How much do you think it costs to license that software if you’re a broker? What is the cost of research and development on improvements? With all these costs who is ultimately footing the bill? If you think for one second it’s the forex broker your crazy! I think you know the answer…..losing retail forex traders pay the price! As we already discussed above when a trader loses that money goes to the broker. Therefore trader loses are broker profits! Now, this is common knowledge to most but let take it one step further and bring the point home. When you think about the MT4 platform what is the focus?

Without a doubt its the huge array of forex indicators, EA’s, and trading software that can be attached to it with ease! That is the main draw to MT4 and the reason for its existence in part. Now indicators have been used for years. In fact since the dawn of the markets people have been trying to quantify market swings with mathematical equations. Today people continue to believe it can be done. If then brokers make money when you lose, why would they supply you with not only the best charting software in the world for free but also every indicator your heart could ever desire? Its an obvious logical deduction but most every forex trader fails to see it or simply choose not to for fear of the answer. Again the short-term pain of effort is often perceived to be worse than the long-term pain of failure. Forex traders refuse to accept the logical conclusion that forex brokers supply you with these “tools” so that THEY can make money, not you! Forex traders refuse to accept it because they want to believe that there is some magical combination of forex indicators that will eventually produce a profit. If you take away nothing else remember this…..

Why would a forex broker pay tens of thousands to license MT4 and then give it to you? It’s because they know that by getting you to use the indicators, software, and EA’s made for MT4 you will eventually empty your trading account. They’re essentially giving you a slot machine. It will pay out sometimes, but in the end, THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS! Now you only have two choices from this point forward. You can continue to allow the forex brokers to rape and pillage your trading account by the use of forex indicators, EA’s, and trading software that they are oh so happy to see you use….or… can learn how to trade forex by trading with Smart Money! It really is quite that simple. Smart Money (banks, hedge funds, etc.) are the ones who move this market, and it is how they trade that we must learn. Remember the house always wins…..that is unless you learn to essentially count the cards. This is something I’ve never completely taught before, and its something that I can almost guarantee you have never learned. Let get one thing straight right now. Yes I run a paid trading room, and yes I charge a ridiculously small yearly fee….that being said this forex bank trading strategy is going to be free to you. This will if you allow it, forever change the way you view the forex market and hopefully allow you to once and for all consistently be a profitable forex trader. In the coming days, we will get into the meat of this forex trading strategy.

Once we finish breaking it down completely, I’m then going to run a live forex training seminar to go over live charts, past trades, and answer any questions you all may have. Yes, this will be free as well. You’re always welcome just to give me money, but I’m not asking for it ?? In all seriousness, this day trading strategy will describe how Smart Money moves the market, how you can identify when they’re entering the market, and most importantly how to profit from it. I truly believe this will benefit all who learn it. I will, however, ask you for one small favor in return. Share this article! Everyone knows another forex trader struggling to make it in this market. I’m doing a good deed for all, and I expect everyone to do the same and pass it on. I will see you all with the next article in the series shortly. Until then happy trading!


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